Amazing Price Action

Amazing Price Action

Amazon Price Action – This indicator uses logic “price action” to monitor price fluctuations.

It uses 3 Display:

  • fast – It appears when the price exceeds the maximum or minimum level of the previous bar
  • slow – Shows how fast signals from the maximum or minimum
  • linear – Draws a line that represents the fluctuations in the price statistics.

There are no specific rules for the use of the indicator, use it in its sole discretion.
The display no parameters that determine how to use it, there are only display options:

  • Show Fast PA? – display a quick indication of “price action”
  • Show Highest / Lowest PA? – a slow-indication “price action”
  • Show line? – linear display indication “price action”
  • Alert inside Bar? – submit a notification when a “domestic” bar

Other parameters can be ignored, as they are the only style settings.
It is recommended to use this indicator in the charts higher timeframes, at least M30. Count input or closing operation / transaction when changing a linear indicator. When he rises (green) – buy, and when it goes down (red) – Sell.

Amazing Price Action

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