Forex Black Hole

Forex Black Hole

Why Black Hole?

Black Hole adviser works on the same principle as that of black holes in the solar system.

This adviser takes advantage of market movements in any direction for 24 hours, five days a week.

It is a reliable adviser to the type of Martingale, applying stop-loss, trailing stops and profit-taking on all orders at predetermined percentage of the total bill.

Watch the video. To save the size and time of the video is a small first visual test, and then normal.

Please note that the facilities are not used in the test mode in order to save space and time.

Forex Black Hole


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The product displays the graph data on your broker and run. The indicator shows the correct time (GMT on brokerage server) only at the working market. Spread displayed for the current chart / pair. The product can be used by advisers or other indicators.


  • SizeBackground1 – the size of the background.
  • SizeBackground2 – the size of the frame.
  • PositionUnDn – the location of the data in the chart.


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Today I want to talk about a couple of evrobritanets. judging by my traffic strategy will be strong (volatility).

Once again I look to my robot, which is written by the correlation group of currencies. Investors willing to consider. In the meantime, here’s my predictionDAILY FORECAST FOR ACTUAL SETTINGS

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WideMa – this trend indicator, which displays the trend in the form of arrows, depending on the moving average.

The indicator calculates the moving average, and compares it with the opening price and the momentum of the bar for each configured by default 20.


  • MA_Period – the number of bars for the moving average, the default 20.
  • MA_Type – the moving average method.
  • App_Price – the price for the moving average calculation.


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Bears Power Mod

Bears Power Mod

In the standard display Bears Power is used EMA – Exponential Moving Average closing price – Price Close, which somewhat limits the capabilities of this indicator.

In the present display Bears Power Mod added a choice of four moving averages and seven applied prices that can significantly enhance the ability of this indicator.

Bears Power Mod

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Why do traders lose

Why do traders lose? (Continued)

A very interesting question, and let’s try to figure it out (continue the theme – and .

Let us consider a typical example, analyzing the schedule, e.g. GBPUSD H12:

Why do traders lose

On the chart the general trend is down, but as long as pullback – turn ind.4 and blue ind.3.

Our last action – profit for the fastest indicator (on the schedule – is turning blue ind.3).

Further analysis should show the future scenario of possible actions. This two options:

1. After the rollback downward trend will continue.

2. Rollback can develop into a general trend reversal.

The best option – to wait for a reversal trend upward as open a position in the continuation of the trend is very dangerous.

The second option – to wait for a reversal of all the one-way indicator. This is the correct version, but still dangerous enough, because of the possible situation with a sharp tug at the end of a trend and a very sharp reversal of the trend. There need a safety net in the intraday trend, for example 2:00 graph, for a very quick closing position to avoid a big disadvantage in the transaction –

Conclusions: The main difficulties begin at the end of a trend, or at the transition when changing the direction of the trend. And here it is best to play it safe and not take any action on the opening of a new transaction, and wait for complete clarity in the analysis.

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Apple lost Chinese audience where to put new

Apple lost the Chinese audience: where to put the new iPhone 6?

On the eve of the long-awaited
tomorrow’s presentation of the company
Apple in many
It appears a variety of media
materials, which are not only write about
company about the devices and on the managers
Apple. Perhaps,
most unusual article this weekend
was that if you’re going
buy a new iPhone, will have
Change clothes.

It was
China is one scary story. AT
August 2012, the whole country was
shocked by the news that a teenager in
Hunan Southern Province sold one of
his kidneys to buy a new
iPhone. And the horror did not end there –
Soon the police found the gang that
bought up human bodies, using
as bait Apple expensive phones. Horror, you agree?

such sensational
history, when people line up
long queues in front of shops where
Apple releases its new sale
product, suggest that
China – the largest market in the world
Smartphones – the people just crazy
mobile phones.

And yet, the kidney-for-iPhone
illustrates a key reason why
Golden Age for Apple in China, may be,
I have come to an end. In a country where the workers
They earn an average of just over $ 600 a month,
budget phones that cost less
three times than the iPhone. For example, Phones
Chinese manufacturing Xiaomi More
replacing the American giant, the Chinese phones are even looks very
similar. And the company faster "squeezes" Apple to Chinese
market. So, in May of this year, Xiaomi
ahead of Apple, although at that time was still standing on the
third place behind Samsung and Lenovo Group in terms of sales.

Apple lost Chinese audience where to put new

Presentation of the next Xiaomi news, April 2014

However, while
budget smartphone in China is cheaper
1,000 yuan ($ 162), iPhone still enjoys
demand among affluent consumers. IN 2013
Umeng, the Agency conducted a survey,
released in March last year, which
It showed that among phones "of high
class" (More expensive 3,000 yuan, or $ 486), about
80% – iPhones. But the essence of something is that cheap
phones used mainly for
entertainment, and users who
buy more expensive and quality
Gadgets, nominate more
requirements – they need a machine with the help of
which they can use
Mobile search, monitor
personal finance, shopping and
t. e. Given this trend, not
surprisingly, in Hong Kong (one of
the richest places in China) "iPhone-mania"
until it weakens.

By the way, China Mobile, the largest
provider of wireless communication in China,
I have already started taking pre
orders for the iPhone 6. On Monday morning
the company is already registered 65392
pre-orders. But if the price
a new gadget will be big, it can
be a problem in the Chinese market.

Tomorrow, 9 September, the presentation of new products from Apple. The whole world is waiting for the statements of many new media iPhone 6, clock iWatch and the OS update iOS 8.

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Grid Inside

The Grid Inside

The Grid Inside works in counter-trending mode, automatically opens a new order when the target price on the Fibonacci 23.6 and 73.6 levels.

If the price goes in the wrong direction, it opens another warrant with a calculated size of the lot and the price.

All positions are closed when the target profit, indicated in the parameters.

Because TGI does not use stop loss, it is not recommended to install it on an account with a sum of more than you can afford to lose.

You can restrict the margin for closing the orders when the specified target level of margin.

I recommend to use the virtual server (VPS), and the parameter H1 timeframe pipStep, equal to 40 or higher. The recommended initial deposit – 1200 USD or higher with a minimum item 0.01.

The adviser works on any currency with low spread, the maximum – about 15.

Input parameters

  • useMM – use money management, the initial lot size multiplied in accordance with the amount in the account.
  • fixedLot – the fixed value of the lot.
  • moneyTarget – the number of points at which all transactions will be closed, works as a virtual take-profit.
  • depositLoad – used for capital management, the value for each original lot (for example: 2000 -> original lot is 0.01, at 4000 -> original lot is 0.02).
  • maxMarginLimit – limiting margin using moneyTarget, if trading is becoming too risky, all transactions are closed on marginTarget.
  • marginTarget – similarly moneyTarget, the transaction closed when this value is reached.
  • cciPeriod – the number of bars for the calculation of the CCI.
  • cciPrevious – last bar for comparison to the current value of the CCI.
  • cciHighLowLevel – highs and lows, accounted indicator CCI.
  • displayInfo – enable the display of information.
  • buyAndSell – allow the simultaneous use of orders for sale and purchase.
  • lotFactor – lot multiplier for further orders.
  • pipStep – minimum distance to move the new target level.
  • pipStepExpo – minimum distance factor for a new target price.
  • targetThreshold – the minimum distance above or below the last price.
  • minChannelHeight – the minimum distance for the maximum and minimum price levels for the start of trading.
  • maxChannelHeight – the maximum distance for the maximum and minimum price levels for the opening of a new deal.
  • channelBars – the number of bars needed to calculate the maximum and minimum prices of candles.
  • uniqueSymbol – Simultaneous operation of only one symbol, when false to limit the simultaneous operation with other couples is removed.
  • initHour – hour pre-trade (GMT).
  • endHour – hour of trading end (GMT).
  • Monday – allow to trade on Mondays.
  • Tuesday – allow trade on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday – allow trade on Wednesday.
  • Thursday – allow trade on Thursday.
  • Friday – allow to trade on Fridays.

Grid Inside

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You buy iPhone 6 We’ll have to update your ward

You buy the iPhone 6? We’ll have to update your wardrobe!

Are you ready to carry
a sport purse? What about
Trouser with high waist-bag or a dress
instead of a cocktail dress?
These are just some of the potentially
unfashionable trends that may
have to enter due to the fact that the new
iPhone promise with a big screen.

While the world is buzzing most
different rumors about what will be the new
iPhone 6, we represent mostly
more or less clear picture. comprehensive
version – on the basis of information
speculation, leaks and photo layouts
and other information – is
that the phone will be more than previous models. smaller
version of the new phone is likely to be
with a screen of 4.7 inches, slightly more than the previous
model 4 inches, and most probably,
is a screen of 5.5 inches, which will make
Both major Apple phones. Therefore
way, it is the new iPhone 6 may change

And if the Samsung Galaxy S5 already
It has a 5.1-inch display, and G3 from LG –
5.5-inch display, and Apple is only now for the first time
launches large phones because
we can expect quite guessable
actions of other manufacturers – they
follow their example, because Apple often
just manages to set trends
in technology, experts say. Big iPhone can also
change the trend for fashion, since
consumers face in the problem –
how does it carry?

"phones are becoming
more and trousers are getting shorter".
– says Brett Hamilton, the owner
Company, which makes accessories
for the iPhone. "flat
phones generally poorly compatible with
“Bent” body lines".
What are you going to do? What
to do with small purses? they’re
there will not fit.

Have to change clothes
and other things to put on, comfortable to wear
a large phone. We asked the experts
the fashion industry to speculate how you can adapt
a phone with a large screen.

Here are five things that,
in their opinion, consumers can
use in the future.

1. Pants with high waist

They appeared in the distant
1950. And, it seems, is now being asked these pants
back. And what is very convenient – pockets
glubochennye and no phones
hang / fall will not. Camilla
Olson, creative director of the company Camilla
Olson LLC, said that with a great phone
It may appear to fashion belt overestimation
on the pants and / or deep pockets. "When
you sit down with the phone in his back pocket,
he rises"- she explains. Pants
with high waist and deeper
pockets to help prevent it.

You buy iPhone 6 We'll have to update your ward

2. More men

Thanks to the fashion for
slim and skinny pants are now men
it becomes difficult to take when in your pocket
is the phone. "When the phone is in
pocket, uncomfortable to sit, so
always have to put it on the table".
– Dzhon Dzhekson says executive
creative director of digital agency
design and marketing Huge. While
some men do not mind constantly
pull out and put your phone ??
back in his pocket, in the case of a great phone
it can be annoying stronger (especially
if you – a hipster who wears ultra-narrow

This means that more
Men will carry a large
wallets. "It is like the postman bag,
Only a little less", – He speaks
Stylist Dzheyms Kornuell, owner
Cornwell Styling LLC. He adds that it could
I would give people more opportunities not
Only wear a great phone, but
and other necessary things – money
in a small wallet keys cud
which are extremely difficult to wear in a pair
narrow trousers. Finally, tablets and phablety
to perfectly vlezut.

You buy iPhone 6 We'll have to update your ward

3. Revolution pockets

The size of the pockets in trousers
and shirts can be a problem for
men who want to carry large
iPhone. This means that they can appear
more capacious pockets in the trousers (in
lightning – the phone is not exactly jumped,
when you sit down) or large breasts
pockets in shirts with buttons or
rivets to hold the phone in
security, says Camilla Olson.
We can also see the jacket, or even
pants with internal invisible pockets,
which are large enough to
fit a huge new phones.
"We often carry things so that no one
they did not see"- Jackson says.

You buy iPhone 6 We'll have to update your ward

4. Thick clutches

Many ladies “trending”
carry a tiny clutch when
out for the evening – it can hardly be
fit only phone credit
card and lipstick. “But if smartphones
become larger, will have to carry with you
failure evening bags? “- says Olson.
– "We may need to reconsider
minimum dimensions of clutches". AT
Otherwise, the ladies have to walk
Evening without a smartphone.

You buy iPhone 6 We'll have to update your ward

5. Wide belts

Many fashion houses
launched the model with wide dresses
straps on the latest fashion shows. Soon,
Olson says, these belts can mask
your iPhone. "There were some terrible
attempts at Fanny Pack", – she says. But
"wide belt, which can hold
your phone – it would be more fashionable".

You buy iPhone 6 We'll have to update your ward

We can only guess,
the consequences of the company’s innovation
Apple – the appearance of
new developments in various fields
(From fashion to technology) or temporary
loss worldwide popularity of American

Recall, on Tuesday held a long-awaited presentation of new products from Apple. At the close of Friday’s session, Apple shares were trading at $ 98.97, received a slight increase before falling to $ 97.94 on Thursday.

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As low ready to drop price Traders are being

As low ready to drop the price? Traders are being watched

Stock market traders will be
follow the small flurry of economic
Reports on Thursday, but the focus
is the bond market.

Say “boring” about
bonds this week is impossible.
Caught between the opposing methods
US Federal Reserve policy and the European
the central bank, bond yields
I took the most dramatic twists and turns,
as investors began to revise
portfolios at the end of the month. I propose to adapt the translation of an article from CNBC portal.

While S P 500
for the first time crossed the point of 2000 dealers
debt bonds this week
They watched as their yield is creeping down,
especially lost securities of
Germany and Belgium, the Netherlands and
Finland – rotation was negative.
Thus, the German 10-year bonds fell
0.90% for the first time Wednesday, while
Italian and Spanish 10-year-old
bonds are traded at a 10-year
profitability. It was not so long ago, because
these peripheral Eurozone securities
It is seen as risky.

economic reports
informed on Thursday about the level of unemployment,
as well as the GDP for the second quarter. Information
on pending sales will
later. Meanwhile, the yield of lower
duration Treasury
Bonds got a little push
up on expectations that the Fed will be in
eventually raise rates in
next year. Latest news from
Europe on Wednesday, including the Minister
German Finance Volfganga Shoyble,
tried to crush rumors that the ECB will
take additional measures to
mitigation policy, and then yield
bonds became even lower. According to
traders concerns about Ukraine
and reports that Russia has sent troops
in this country, also slightly affected
movement in the market.

Europe’s economy will
in the spotlight again on Thursday when
Germany will report the inflation data.
Betting on the fact that the European economy
It weakens and there is a risk of deflation, rather
just give a negative mood

The yield on 30-year-olds
bonds fell to 3.10, touching
the lowest level since May 2013.
Long-term bonds now!

While the market
rampant speculation that the ECB may
to build a new facility
for banks next week, there
some evidence that it could
offer or QE QE
at the end of the year or next year. A
many investors believe that the ECB
it will be difficult to run a program on
the purchase of government bonds, similar to QE

"the trend now
to reduce inflation, which means
the potential to reduce yields
bonds. What is undervalued
paper and there is a real imbalance between supply
and suggestions. They are in short supply", – he said,
chief investment
strategist at Northern Trust Dzhim Makdonald.
He noted that the Bank of Japan is buying
government bonds at the time,
When the Fed buys Treasury bonds
by QE.

McDonald said that
the growth of the stock market and rising prices for
Bonds can coexist, and low
bond yields are not
warning. "We accept that
the bond market is currently
exposed to high liquidity, so
it really is a different story with
interest rates".

There are signs that the Fed
begins to move prices higher in the second
half of next year, but it is not
It means that it will be for reserves
painfully until the economy improves.

Traders will also be
to monitor the situation around
Ukraine on Thursday. Although McDonald
He said he did not see much impact
news on the market of Ukraine is now
time, but the stock is still not on the
a record high, when markets
very restless.

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