Signals potential and risk reward of trend

Signals potential and risk reward of trend

Indicator SPR of trend looking for the trend:

  • (S) – signals
  • (P) – It shows potential signals,
  • (R) – calculates the risk / reward.

Analyzing the graph indicates option price movements. The indicator works by closing the candle and repaints!

The indicator has a block of statistics in his own signals.

The material used for statistical Indicator uses the maximum price movement after the onset of the signal candle closed at the opening price of the current candle and to:

  1. Achieving price level StopLoss. In this case, the trader is able to use a fixed value of StopLoss in points or as an example – Parabolic SAR indicator (if the SAR is not reflected in a candle with an arrow indicator that uses high / low of the candle).
  2. Opposite signal. Option – useOppositSignalAsCloseAchieve.
  3. If not met the conditions of StopLoss and opposite signal, said indicator signal (deal) open. And in this case, the indicator takes into account the maximum price movement after the signal, but does not display it graphically. Maximum motion after the signal is graphically displayed only after compliance with the above points 1 and 2.

The screenshot shows that the Statistics block is placed in the lower right corner.

  • S – number of found signals for buying and selling.
  • P – after the signal potential of the movement. Calculated as the average value of the maximum prices of all traffic signals for buying and selling respectively.
  • R – the risk / profit. For this option, the indicator uses a virtual StopLoss.
  • curr – current virtual profits after the last indicator signal.
  • max – maximum price movement after signal and to the current moment.
  • SL – Virtual StopLoss value at the moment.

Attention! All signals and the results of calculations based on statistical data and can not be used as a direct guide to investing.
Signals potential and risk reward of trend

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