Price Cycler

price Cycler

Indicator Price Cycler It calculates the price increment cycles.

The indicator is based on the idea of ​​inverse harmonic function X = Sin (Y) or the periodicity price increment amount determined in a predetermined time range.

For example:

The first extreme value chart (Low) – 12:00 hours, the second (Low) at 15:00. Between the first and second extremum increment of prices was – 1200 pips. Consequently, the third and subsequent extrema are generated (Low or High), presumably every 1,200 pips.

indicator settings

INITIAL CYCLE LINESSettings Display the initial range of lines (which will be determined by the price increment)

  • Visible Lines – visibility lines
  • Color Lines – line color
  • Style Lines – line style
  • Width Lines – line thickness

CYCLE LINES Setting the cyclic lines display

  • Visible Lines – visibility lines
  • Color Lines – line color
  • Style Lines – line style
  • Width Lines – line thickness

CYCLE COUNTERDisplay setting in the cycle counter pips

  • Visible Counter – visibility counter
  • Color Counter – meter color

CYCLE END LEVELS Setting the level indicator (line) is calculated by the meter pips.

  • Visible Level – visibility lines
  • Color Level – line color
  • Style Level – line style
  • Width Level – line thickness
  • Length right Level – The length of the right lines

For the indicator on the chart is necessary to cause a trend line. The indicator calculates the price increment in the range between the coordinate points of the line and start tracking this increment in time. Complete transmission cycle is marked by a vertical line in the graph.

The indicator works on all frames and pairs.


If the chart is already present trend lines, the indicator will select the first.

It is recommended to attach the indicator to pure graphics, and then apply the auxiliary trendlines.

Price Cycler


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