The Elevation

Advisor starts in moments of price out of the average amplitude of the movement for a certain period of time to them, which is also calculated independently advisor.

To work required ECN and low spreads, as Advisor picks up the order a trailing stop, when it is needed. Most orders rose by trailing stop.

Advisor is protected from the expansion of the spread. At such moments, the transaction can not be opened and an adviser to print in the “Journal” message: “Exceeding the permissible spread”.

Transactions are made infrequently. Advisor automatically determines the 4- and 5-digit quotes flows.

recommended: EURUSD M15.


  • MaxRisk – percentage risk per trade. At 0 lot will be equal to the value Lot if MaxRisk
  • Lot if MaxRisk – lot size, if MaxRisk = 0;
  • Maximum lot – limiting the maximum lot;
  • Take profit – level take profit;
  • Stop loss – stop-loss level;
  • Near OBV – number of candles starting OBV indicator to determine the trend;
  • Far OBV – number of final spark OBV indicator to determine the trend;
  • TF Filter – timeframes for the trend of the filter;
  • Slippage – the level of slippage;
  • Maximum spread – limit the spread;
  • Maximum orders – limiting the maximum number of simultaneously open orders;
  • Magic number – “magic” number to distinguish “their” orders;
  • Comment to the order – comments on the orders advisor;
  • ShowInfoPanel – display the information bar (top left corner);
  • Background color – the color of the dashboard background;
  • Black – the color of the dashboard of the text;
  • FontSize – font size of the dashboard.

Advisor automatically determines the 4- and 5-digit quotes flows.


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