Midnight EA

Midnight EA

Midnight EA – advanced on the basis of the system price Action (Price action), analyzing the current situation and forecast future price movements. Advisor does not use anything other than the price movement. Martingale, grid, hedging, scalping and other risky methods are not applicable.

The adviser works late at night (midnight GMT) on M30. The lifetime of the warrants – from a few minutes to 2-3 hours. Sometimes it takes more time, but in the morning all orders are usually closed.

Advisor works with all pairs, but I recommend using 16 pairs, I select during the numerous optimizations and tests. Couples can choose the settings (setting Selected_Symbol). If the characters do not contain any prefixes and suffixes, leave Selected_Symbol equal Automatic – Advisor automatically detects and uses a pair of pre-setting, hard-coded in the EA. In the presence of a prefix or suffix to select the desired parameter pairs Selected_Symbol. To trade on pairs not included in the list, select Automatic.

Portfolio with 16 pairs tested since the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2016, it has been committed ~ 50,000 transactions. When a spread of 20 and a fixed volume of orders, average win ratio was approximately 95% from profit factor higher than 3 and less than 3% drawdown (At 0.2 volume of orders in the lot and the initial deposit of $ 1,000 for each pair; proportionally change with the item in 0.01i $ 50 deposit on pair values).

With a smaller initial capital (or other reasons), you can start with the most effective 7 pairs: GBPCAD, CADCHF, GBPCHF, EURCAD, EURCHF, USDCHF, AUDCAD. For them win ratio is more than 97%, a profit factor – more than 4. Starting with the lot in 0.01, you will need no more than 150-200 $ Balance, the drawdown should not exceed 5%.

Correlation between 16 pairs of low. This means a high degree of diversification in low loss.

Midnight EA loss prevention algorithm has more than 30-45 pips on each pair, depending on, inter alia, of the spread. The algorithm prevents a sharp increase in the spread and other unfavorable movements before closing unprofitable warrants the stop-loss. Stop-loss is a dynamic, invisible to the broker and resistant broker manipulated spread. Take-profit is also dynamic and hidden – depending on market conditions.


  • selected Symbol – choose a pair. By default, Automatic (if the characters in your terminal have prefixes or suffixes, select a specific pair)
  • Magic Number – magic number, default 55555 (must be different from the magic numbers your other advisors)
  • max Slippage – maximum slippage, default 1,
  • Max Spread To Trade – the maximum spread, default 25 (valid values ​​are 20-30)
  • GMT Offset For Testing – time difference between your broker and GMT The, default 0,
  • Alerts – alerts, False The default,
  • Notifications – notification True The default,
  • Emails – Posts by email, False The default,
  • auto Lots – auto-detection of the lot volume, default False (fixed value), and True is calculated automatically,
  • Lots To Balance Factor – ratio of lots to balance, by default 10 (see FIG. descriptions below)
  • Trade Size In Lots – the volume of transactions in lots, by default 0.01,
  • Holiday Break – weekend: from Start In December (Default – December 20) to End In January (By default, 8 January).

Money_Management (money management):

  1. Auto_Lots = False: EA trade fixed lot specified in Trade_Size_in_Lots,
  2. Auto_Lots = True: advisor calculates the volume of the lot, depending on the parameter Lots_To_Balance_Factor – ratio = 1 is EA trade 0.01 lots for every 1000 units of balance (e.g., Factor equal to 10 = 0.10, when the balance of the lot = 1000 USD / EUR / .. If the balance in 1500 USD / EUR / .. warrant = 0.15 lots).

Remember, no one except you is not liable for any investment decisions made by you. Current yield strategies and trading systems does not guarantee them the same performance in the future.

Good luck!

Midnight EA


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