Innovative Martingale

Innovative Martingale

Innovative Martingale – is fully automated Advisor. It is designed to trade all the major currency pairs on timeframe H1, but it can be used for any other pair and any other timeframe. He does not need optimization or configuration files, ready for use.

Note – basically, this is the Martingale system.


  • MagicNumber – the magic number of transactions.
  • Slippage – the maximum allowable slippage.
  • SpreadLimit – the maximum allowable spread for trading.
  • ReverseTrade – open transaction opposite of what was originally intended adviser.
  • Lots – basic lot size for the opening of the transaction (note – it is not just the base size of the lot, the adviser will increase the size of the lot during the Martingale strategy).

Innovative Martingale

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