In Europe gloom reigns

In Europe gloom reigns

Among the European markets continue to
fall: IMF reduced term
global growth market. Special
dreary forecasts drawn to

17.04 MSK, towards the end of day trading,
Europe 600 (strongly
injured yesterday after poor
German statistics) has already managed to fall
0.66. Weakened and DAX
and CAC
40 (-0.65%)
and FTSE

Let me remind you,
Tuesday, the IMF presented its forecast
on the prospects of global economic
growth, and he was again negative (with
down for the third time this
year). Permanent weakness in the euro zone
Recently, it increased the risk of the beginning
deep recession and deflation three
Europe’s largest economies
– Germany, France and Italy. Probability
recession has doubled over the last six
months and is now running at 38%.

Steiner, a strategic consultant
commented: “The report as a whole
It inspires a certain share in despair
regarding the fate of the world economy. ”
Other strategies, Geri Dzhenkins of LNG
Capital, he said,
what could be the agenda of the IMF consisted
to still convince the ECB
refer to the program of direct
quantitative easing. “When
European policy makers are looking at growth
and the number of employment in the United States and
UK, they are likely to set
matter how much the euro zone does not apply
the same treatment of QE,
who cured the Anglo-Saxons. ”

It seems
everything plays against Europe: its internal
plagues added Ebola,
which is a serious blow to the tourism,
recreational sector of course, and,
airlines. Holding IAG
Airways and Iberia),
EasyJet, Air France, TUI, Intercontinental Hotels Group –
they all fell between 1.8 and 3.6%. Fever
and crippled French industry
Bollore group,
It has significant investments in the African
industry: the stock lost 6.7%.

France fell
also because of the strike of pilots,
whose strike in one easy motion
hand wiped the board with revenues 20% annual
underlying profits of the company.

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