Hewlett Packard Company is divided into two divi

Hewlett-Packard Company is divided into two divisions

US computer
Hewlett-Packard Company wants to allocate production in two independent units.
One of them will produce
computers and printers, and the second will
sell servers, software
to corporative clients.

According to sources, today announced
the division on Monday.

By the way, HP has long
I thought about sharing, and discussion
such action was going for several years.
Finally, the leaders reached a consensus
opinion and decided to almost all questions
restructuring of the computer giant.

Investors and analysts
long ago told that such a separation
the company will only benefit –
HP will be able to focus on more
favorable direction, which is engaged in
provision servers and services for
storage of data for corporations. More
addition, analysts have calculated that by
individual units will cost
more than one company HP.

There is also information,
who can lead the unit –
Thus, according to one source,
will lead the production of computers
executive director of Hewlett-Packard Meg
Whitman, and lead the second division
is an independent member of the Board of Directors
Patricia Russo. Executive Director
Dion will Ueysler.

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