Asian markets move in different directions

Asian markets move in different directions

On Thursday, markets
Australia and Hong Kong are rising, after
how the Fed minutes dated September
the meeting did not signal for an early
increase in interest rates.

S P / ASX added
1.06%, rebounding from an eight-month low.
Here on horseback was the banking sector,
who reported on the increased profit
in recent months. So, ANZ
Banking Group added 1.66%;
Westpac has increased by 1.83%; National
Australia Bank increased capitalization

Hang Seng added 0.97%. increase
led by companies from the sector
service and communications. Among
outstanding increases can be noted
jump 1.06% casino operator Galaxy
Entertaiment and increase in capitalization
3.08% of the retailer Belle International Holdings.

In Japan grew
the yen against the dollar and fell against that background
Nikkei (-0,70% to 10.09 MSK)
as the strengthening of the yen means
deteriorating terms of trade for
exporters who benefit from a strong
dollar. Accordingly, to 10.09 MSK Mazda
It lost 1.88%. Toyota and
Nissan grown at 0.24% and 0.01%
respectively, but everything is relative: in
the beginning of Asian trading, they rushed
forward very substantially higher than
1%, and by the end of the day seriously lost
all advantage.

sector, electronics manufacturers are also
shed tears: Hitachi loses
1.35%; Toshiba – 1,48%.

shanghai Composite
I slid down to 0.1%, Korean
stock exchanges are closed on the occasion of the national

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