Asian markets are in minor key

Asian markets are in a minor key

At 9.32 MSK Japanese
Nikkei index lost 1%; Hang
Seng “left” down to 0.7%; Shanghai
Composite suddenly increased to 0.3%; Australian
S P / ASX "lost “0.9%;
and the Korean Kospi Index slid
down to 0.4%.

The reason is almost
overall fall – in general “disorder”
World markets: Europe, fever, high
volatility in the US, where tonight
also fell major indexes falling
the price of oil. However, for example, in the fall
Japanese index “to blame” for the most
part of the strengthening of the yen, given that
the main share of “systemically important”
companies in the country of the Rising Sun
work for export, and thus a strong
their yen is not very profitable.

And the dollar and euro
again today fell against the yen
– and after the shares fell and the world-famous
“Blue chips”. Sony, Nissan and
Toyota lost 2% each;
Hitachi Ltd. dropped 4.5%;
Mitsubishi slid down on
3.2%; Mazda Motor Corp. weakened on
4.7%. Only Konica Minolta Inc. gone
Counter-trend” and showed an increase
0.8% after being presented the “smart
glass “with full-color holographic

In the Hong Kong market
he doctor ordered weaken: firstly,
It plays the role of political instability;
and secondly, the relationship with Wall Street here
It is quite high. Many banks have lost
and technology companies, serious
reduction observed in heavyweights
Hang Seng Index. telecommunications
China Mobile Ltd lost giant
1.5%; one of the largest creditors
Industrial Commerzial Bank lowered
their rates by 1.4%. developer
online gaming NetDragon Websoft Inc.
I retreated to 2.5%, and its competitor Boyaa
Interactive International Ltd decreased by 1.8%.

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