Akendicator Fifteen

Akendicator Fifteen

Akendicator Fifteen – an indicator for Metatrader, trading binary options on the M15 timeframe. This reversal candle light, which predicts the most likely direction of the next candle at closing.

Used a mathematical algorithm (called CANDLE POWER) is always displayed on the chart and updated on each tick candles movement.

Akendicator Fifteen – is the result of the average volatility of values, attitudes and statistical analysis of the trend.

The principle of operation Akendicator Fifteen

When the value Candle Power, Akendicator Fifteen begins its work and submits the notification for 15 minutes before it will be possible to decide on the purchase or sale of the binary option. Then, under the conditions, Akendicator Fifteen will:

  • green circle bear a candle or
  • red circle over bullish candle ……. at the close of the candle

Note: Traditionally, for the bearish candle is red and green for the bull, but the characters of color can be changed at any time.

Now you again have 15 minutes before the close of the following candle, if it closes with the opposite of the previous candle color, nothing happens; if the color is the same, an arrow appears. The red arrow indicates that you need to immediately sell bearish option; green arrow means that you need to sell immediately bullish option.

To find out exactly how Akendicator Fifteen, recommend that you read the English-language user’s manual online Akendicator (www.akendicator.com) and follow his instructions exactly.


As usual, you can choose between True and False: True includes alerts, and False disables them. Thus, it is easy to understand what to do:

  • Alerts: Alert, if set to False, then you disable all notifications. True: you activate them all.
  • Early Alerts: Early warning, when False The, the graph will show circles, but without notifications.
  • email Alerts: Email notifications, after the e-mail settings in the terminal MetaTrader, when set to True notification will be sent to your email address.
  • Mobile Alerts: Alerts to mobile devices, after setting up mobile devices-in the MetaTrader terminal, at a value of True notification will be sent to mobile devices.
  • Alert Once per Candle: Notification once on the candle when the price level AKENDICATOR FIFTEEN fed notification. But sometimes, for 15 minutes, this level can be achieved several times, so an alert will appear several times. When True, this problem can be circumvented: the notification may be made only once in 15 minutes.
  • Display_Settings: it is possible to precisely position to display a message Candle Power on the charts; x_coord sets the coordinates in the horizontal and y_coord – vertically. Works only when the Display True.
  • loosing signals: Losing signals, the number of displayed consecutive arrows. However, we noticed that the maximum number of consecutive arrows was always 5, no more.
  • signal size: Resolution graphic symbol (circles and arrows); the higher the value, the better they are visible. Recommended 4.
  • signal_pips_distance: Distance from the signals before they are candles in pips to the characters easier to see. Recommended 100-150.

Akendicator Fifteen

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