Gold rises but it seems short time

Gold rises, but it seems a short time

gold rose
to the highest level in the past
six weeks. Bullion for immediate delivery
increased 0.3% to 1250.35 per ounce
(Up to September 10), and by the middle
trading session in Asian trading on
1249.39 dollars. December futures for
gold increased by 0.5% to 1250.70 at Comex.
For the second day in a row gold
rose, while Asian
markets fell.

Last week
first July yellow metal showed
growth for the whole week: Dollar
falls, the markets too, reeling, and therefore
Investors flee to “safe” assets,
which it is nothing else than the old
good gold. However, this situation is not
It promises to drag on for a long time.

as there is no information about when
the Fed will raise rates, investors are
still continue to expect that the October
meeting of the American regulator
will lead to the end of QE, both
and planned in advance. Wherein
US economic statistics continue
demonstrate the strengthening of the economy,
Europe and at the same time taking
unprecedented steps to mitigate
monetary policy. It’s all bound
will strengthen the dollar against the euro and, therefore,
the long-term downtrend
gold will continue in the future. ” it
point of views Runyu Zhu, analyst
CITICS Futures Com (China).

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Price Alert Indicator

Price Alert Indicator

Refers indicator alerts a desktop MT4, notification to the mobile device and an e-mail (the address specified in MT4 settings) when the price reaches the allocated horizontal line trader.

If you need to know when the price reaches the price level, simply drag the indicator to the chart and place a horizontal line at the desired level. You can place any number of horizontal lines. Rename them is not necessary. Just place them on a graph.


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MetaQuotes Software opens office in United Arab

MetaQuotes Software opens office in United Arab Emirates – MetaFintech

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the geography of their offices and the opening of the new office. MetaFintech LLC became an official agent of the company in the largest
international business center of the Middle East – Dubai (United Arab

The duties MetaFintech includes sales and technical support for all
MetaQuotes Software products
trading platforms, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and business automation system TeamWox.
Target region of the new representative office – the countries of South
Asia. All working there brokers and banks are potential
MetaFintech customers.

MetaQuotes Software opens office in United Arab

"In recent years, a growing number of brokerage firms increases
momentum builds and operates in the United Arab Emirates, – says CEO MetaQuotes
Software Gais Kreis. – Therefore, the decision to expand the sphere of influence and
cooperation by the region was absolutely logical – we should be
where our customers are. The company continues to grow, and its
representative office in Dubai will allow expand our activities more in
countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)".

"We are really proud of what can now meet the needs of
brokers in the UAE – it’s a kind of Switzerland of the Middle East – continues
Head MetaFintech Manoj Choudhary. – Platform MetaTrader long gone
beyond "just-sale terminals" to the financial
markets. Now this powerful ecosystem with a variety of services,
empowering the trader – by automatically copying transactions to
purchases finished trading robots in a special app store. Therefore
, the challenge of providing quality and timely service
MetaQuotes becomes one of the most important – the customer anywhere in the world should
be able to directly contact us and get expert

The MetaQuotes Software will soon announce the opening of another
representation – in the Republic of South Africa.

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Europe leads Friday trading in red

Europe leads the Friday trading in the red

Today, most
stock markets of the Old World began
trading with losses. Europe is waiting for statistics
Data from the US (GDP for the second quarter and
Consumer Confidence Index), and
Against this backdrop, the major indexes were down.
And even today the world awaits a vote in the
British Parliament on the topic
the country’s participation in the Allied Coalition
“Playing war games” in the Middle East.
If the voting results will be
positive, then in the near future
British aircraft will take part in
war, which America and the Arab countries
are now with the self-proclaimed
Islamic State. All this does not
adds stability nor European
markets or both major currencies in the region
(The euro and the pound).

So, Stoxx
Europe 600 lost 0.2% (and week
This index completes altogether with the fall
to 2,5%), FTSE weak
to 0,14%, CAC 40 lost
0,16%, DAX lost

individual companies, is fairly cheaper
grown yesterday shares in Air
France. Today, the air carrier
It lost 2.6% capitalization due to stubbornly
striking pilots. The company convinces
rebels to return to work, but stubborn
pilots strike extended to 30
of September.

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Indicator for drawing

Indicator for drawing

There was a need to draw directly on a graph, which would quickly take notes, write, and so on …

I wrote a simple indicator. And so he decided to see how the market works and whether people actually makes a purchase advisors and indicators.

Indicator for drawing

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Europe closed yesterday on slide

Europe closed yesterday on the slide

trading on Monday to close at minor
note. The reasons – uncertainty in the background
clashes in Hong Kong (due to them
They were forced to close their offices
in many banks, including
branches of European lenders) and general
fears that the euro zone economy

Stoxx Europe 600 lost 0.38%.
FTSE yielded 0.04% market CAC
40 gave 0,83%, DAX – 0,71%. 15
European national indexes of 18
yesterday showed the “red
outfit. ”

data were published on a consolidated
index of business and consumer
confidence in the euro-zone economy in September
index lost a few points, and
It is now at the level of a ten

all among the 10 industry sub-indexes
I hurt the banking sector. Thus, 2.5%
HSBC capitalization lost over
by Hong Kong riots. C 4.3%
goodbye Commerzbank –
It began an investigation on charges
the creditor by US authorities with money

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Harmonic Pattern Plus MT4

Harmonic Pattern Plus MT4

Introduction to Harmonic Pattern Plus

Indicator Harmonic Pattern Plus, designed for use in MetaTrader 4, is looking for the harmonic pattern in the chart. Harmonic Pattern Plus program is designed to determine the points of reversal of the current trend – it is the harmonic model with high power forecasting. Harmonic patterns consist of a few lines, united by important Fibonacci ratios, such as the 0,618 and 0,382, which are often used by professional traders to measure the level of the price breakout.

These harmonic structures are continuously formed in the financial markets and often for such model should be big trend reversals. These models have proven to be effective in pinpointing turning points in use by professional traders for over 50 years. Furthermore, many statistical studies point to the strong possibility of prediction of harmonic patterns. These models work well in the forex market and show excellent value profit-risk. This program contains many useful features for traders working full-time and those who trade from time to time. This style of trading with a rigid risk control is also suitable for investors who work with serious money.

The main features of Harmonic Pattern Plus display

  • The indicator may send you e-mail messages when it detects a harmonic model on any chart. Thus, even when you do not see the terminal, you will be notified about it.
  • You can apply a Harmonic Pattern Indicator for a few graphs, as it scans the schedule pretty quickly. Recommended timeframes: M15, H1, H4 and D1.
  • The indicator will determine the significance of the harmonic model based on the size of the found model. You can immediately decide whether or not to trade on this model.
  • The indicator stores the historical patterns to the latest price data, and you can display historical patterns on the chart and build its own strategy, using these historical patterns. This can easily be done by changing the value of variable Max number of patterns to display in the Properties window.
  • The automatic construction of the channel, which can be used in conjunction with harmonic models for more accurate decision-making.
  • The program is ready to use without the need for complex setup and even with the default settings.

Please note that each harmonic model, channel and Fibonacci retracement levels are built independently in the indicator. Therefore, you can disable any component, if you do not want it to be reflected in the chart. A description of all the variables available in the display properties window. To use e-mail notification option you must enable notifications via email in MetaTrader 4. Set up e-mail addresses in the MetaTrader 5 is described in detail in the article

Useful information about Harmonic Pattern Plus

  • Indicator Harmonic Pattern Plus automatically draws Fibonacci correction. Therefore, you can simply place a take-profit and stop-loss in accordance with this level. Note that the construction of the line drawing Fibonacci correction can also be disabled.
  • You can choose the number of harmonic patterns to be displayed on the graph. Sometimes, too many models on the chart can be distracting, but a small number of models less informative. So you can adjust this setting to your liking in the Properties window (default = 3).
  • All found the harmonic model can be displayed in the expert journal or write a text file. This option can be set in the input variables. When the recording of all harmonic patterns will create a file in your terminal MetaTrader folder.
  • By default, all models will bear painted in dark pink, and all the bull will be painted blue. You can change this setting in the input variable.

How to use Harmonic Pattern Plus LED

There are many different ways to trade using harmonic models. Normally, when a model is generated, you can quickly earn profit and get out of the market. For input use second moving average, and the entry would be realized in the formation of a stronger trend. The third entry, place a few orders in accordance with the signals of the moving average, the trend when formed, and using the momentum strategy to catch the big moves of the trend. On recovering market you will be able to place their orders for the first, second and third input. This will give you an opportunity to buy at the bottom and sell near the top. LED “Harmonic Pattern Plus” is designed for use on multiple charts. Personally, I use it on 30 different hourly and 4-hour charts and wait for a good signal. I get a notification even when you do not find myself next to the terminal, as the indicator sends email-notification in the formation of a new harmonic model. On the day you will receive at least five trade opportunities. If you want to learn more about how to trade using the harmonic model, please send me a private message. This is a great trading strategy, and even a novice can use it.

Information for Beginners: What is harmonic pattern

Harmonic model was first used HM Hartley and Hartley model was presented in his book “Profits in the Stock Market” in 1935. Since then, professional traders have improved pattern and found other profitable model. Another useful source of harmonic model of trade – the book Scott M. Carney, Harmonic Trading (Profiting from the natural order of the financial markets). Each harmonic pattern consists of a plurality of lines connected to Fibonacci numbers. Therefore, the harmonic structures are seen as a natural representation of the reaction of traders and reflect trader psychology.

Given the statistical significance and profitability, proven by numerous professional traders pay attention to the harmonic pattern formed on the chart. Harmonic pattern shows a reversal point of the trend, providing the ability to enter the market faster than other traders. Therefore, your reward is often a lot more than your own risk. Indicator Harmonic Pattern Plus detects most known harmonic model. At the moment he is 9 different harmonic patterns. These 9 models are chosen by the author, as they tend to be superior to other models, and also have a longer history than the other models. Used models:

  • Butterfly
  • Gartley
  • Bat
  • Alternative bat
  • AB = CD
  • Shark
  • Crab
  • Cipher
  • models 5-0

Harmonic Pattern Plus MT4

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CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing

CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing

Closing of positions in MetaTrader 4 and the total profit \ loss with trailing earnings.

The? S can enable the Virtual stops (Separate Order), closing and settlement separately BUY SELL positions (Separate BUY SELL), Closing and settlement of all symbols, or the current character (All Symbols), Enable trailing earnings (Trailing Profit)

Closing occurs on the deposit currency, items, and% loss.

Advisor is designed for use in any account in a pair with any adviser or manual trading. As soon as the overall balance of transactions on a pair or all pairs is greater than or equal to the value specified in the settings, all positions are closed and deleted orders.

This version is able to not only close the profit at the set level, but also to trailing, to get more profit.

You can also try this EA Profit or Loss Pad for MetaTrader 5.

This panel adviser, is a part of our system, “Trafficking in one click” – VirtualTradePad

The detailed description and examples of use in our blog


external options

  • MagiccOrder – closure of the magic number: -1 – all orders;
  • MagikToClose – Magick position to calculate and closing;
  • OpenHour – Councilor Hours start hour
  • OpenMinute – Councilor Hours minute start
  • CloseHour – Councilor Hours hour end
  • CloseMinute – Councilor Hours minute End
  • CLP_TralOptionsStep – Step modification trailing earnings
  • BalanceStart – the balance of which will be calculated percentage. 0 – variable is populated at the time of launch.
  • Orderdelete – delete pending orders at the closing position.
  • Use_Lots_in_CLP_Points – – when calculating pips, EA will also take into account the lot of these positions. This option is useful when trading on hedge account with different lots.
  • AutoCorrect_LevelCLP – Automatic verification of the values ​​entered in the field of our advisor.
  • PROFITLOSS_EXTRASETS4 – Block Alert profit and loss of the deposit currency.


  • The panel is running on the symbol on which the (Current Symbol), or considers the total profit or loss for all symbols (All symbols).
  • The panel can be used as a virtual stop loss or take profit. To do this, set the size of the profit or loss in pips (Profit p or Loss p) and check, and choose your character. Advisor will close the transaction on your tool counts.
  • In the panel, you can select the type of closure: profit in dollars, in pips or in% of the balance sheet, as well as a loss of dollars in pips or in% of balance.
  • You can also adjust the trailing profits. Advisor, after receiving the income, remember the value and will trail the profit before closing.
  • There is also a “CLOSE ALL” button that closes the position character or all positions (depending on selection) instantly.
  • Directly on the panel displays information about the current status of your account on the proposed closure methods.

Other features:

  • This panel can be used in conjunction with other panels and indicators from our collection.
  • Clicking Close causes the program to end.
  • Close Button \ Open turns \ panel unfolds on the chart.
  • You can move the graph panel. To do this, click on the top panel of the line next to the Close button and the Close, and drag the toolbar to place convenient for you.

Terms of use:

  • Place the panel on your currency pair.
  • Depending on how you want to close positions (for all characters or current), select the appropriate option on the panel itself.
  • In order to select the tick closure type to be active, you must enter a parameter value other than 0, the for-profit indicates a positive value, and for the loss – negative, eg -100.
  • Put a checkmark in the paragraphs that you want to use when closing.
  • Turn button Close if Profit or Loss, it should light up in blue. This means that the adviser involved in the work.
  • As soon as the profit or loss of your positions will cross the mark established levels, the transaction will close.

CloseIfProfitorLoss with Trailing


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Microsoft presented Windows 10 wait for company’s

Microsoft presented Windows 10: wait for the company’s stock rise?

Today was the
presentation of the new version of one
of the most popular operating systems
in the world – the company Microsoft I called it Windows
10. Many of those who followed the presentation,
first asked the question –
why the version number 10, if the previous version was Windows 8?

Microsoft representatives
introduced a new version of its
operating system at an event in
San Francisco just this morning.
It should be noted that this is not the final
operating system version, and all
a “pre-engineering”
Windows 10. This means that neither bought nor
update is not yet possible at the
ordinary users.

Access to
technical version will receive only
experienced users, who will be her
test and help improve it.
Microsoft also said not a word about the future
the price of the operating system, so there is hope that
after the final run Windows
10 users will be able to upgrade
until it is free – it is this policy
company Apple, whose
users can upgrade to the new
version for free if
device “hold out” Technical

Briefly about new products,
who are waiting for the new users
Windows 10, it should be noted that the system is
It is increasingly becoming a “universal” –
it will be suitable for any device
(Whether you have the Xbox, computer, phone, tablet,
or other gadget). For all of these devices
Microsoft creates a single platform and a single
app store. among the main
changes – returned to the “Start” button in the
menu, users can browse
lists of frequently used files and
programs, and a new button
task management, which will allow
see all running applications and
files, and quickly switch between

While the presentation
technical version of the strong influence
Microsoft does not stock company
provided, that is. to. the American Stock Exchange has
not started trading. According to the results of yesterday’s
of the session, shares fell by 0.17% – up
$ 46.36 on the stock exchange
NASDAQ, but now much
little movement on the stock exchange in Frankfurt
– Microsoft shares rose
0.80% – up to € 36.93
from € 36.63.

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Midnight EA

Midnight EA

Midnight EA – advanced on the basis of the system price Action (Price action), analyzing the current situation and forecast future price movements. Advisor does not use anything other than the price movement. Martingale, grid, hedging, scalping and other risky methods are not applicable.

The adviser works late at night (midnight GMT) on M30. The lifetime of the warrants – from a few minutes to 2-3 hours. Sometimes it takes more time, but in the morning all orders are usually closed.

Advisor works with all pairs, but I recommend using 16 pairs, I select during the numerous optimizations and tests. Couples can choose the settings (setting Selected_Symbol). If the characters do not contain any prefixes and suffixes, leave Selected_Symbol equal Automatic – Advisor automatically detects and uses a pair of pre-setting, hard-coded in the EA. In the presence of a prefix or suffix to select the desired parameter pairs Selected_Symbol. To trade on pairs not included in the list, select Automatic.

Portfolio with 16 pairs tested since the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2016, it has been committed ~ 50,000 transactions. When a spread of 20 and a fixed volume of orders, average win ratio was approximately 95% from profit factor higher than 3 and less than 3% drawdown (At 0.2 volume of orders in the lot and the initial deposit of $ 1,000 for each pair; proportionally change with the item in 0.01i $ 50 deposit on pair values).

With a smaller initial capital (or other reasons), you can start with the most effective 7 pairs: GBPCAD, CADCHF, GBPCHF, EURCAD, EURCHF, USDCHF, AUDCAD. For them win ratio is more than 97%, a profit factor – more than 4. Starting with the lot in 0.01, you will need no more than 150-200 $ Balance, the drawdown should not exceed 5%.

Correlation between 16 pairs of low. This means a high degree of diversification in low loss.

Midnight EA loss prevention algorithm has more than 30-45 pips on each pair, depending on, inter alia, of the spread. The algorithm prevents a sharp increase in the spread and other unfavorable movements before closing unprofitable warrants the stop-loss. Stop-loss is a dynamic, invisible to the broker and resistant broker manipulated spread. Take-profit is also dynamic and hidden – depending on market conditions.


  • selected Symbol – choose a pair. By default, Automatic (if the characters in your terminal have prefixes or suffixes, select a specific pair)
  • Magic Number – magic number, default 55555 (must be different from the magic numbers your other advisors)
  • max Slippage – maximum slippage, default 1,
  • Max Spread To Trade – the maximum spread, default 25 (valid values ​​are 20-30)
  • GMT Offset For Testing – time difference between your broker and GMT The, default 0,
  • Alerts – alerts, False The default,
  • Notifications – notification True The default,
  • Emails – Posts by email, False The default,
  • auto Lots – auto-detection of the lot volume, default False (fixed value), and True is calculated automatically,
  • Lots To Balance Factor – ratio of lots to balance, by default 10 (see FIG. descriptions below)
  • Trade Size In Lots – the volume of transactions in lots, by default 0.01,
  • Holiday Break – weekend: from Start In December (Default – December 20) to End In January (By default, 8 January).

Money_Management (money management):

  1. Auto_Lots = False: EA trade fixed lot specified in Trade_Size_in_Lots,
  2. Auto_Lots = True: advisor calculates the volume of the lot, depending on the parameter Lots_To_Balance_Factor – ratio = 1 is EA trade 0.01 lots for every 1000 units of balance (e.g., Factor equal to 10 = 0.10, when the balance of the lot = 1000 USD / EUR / .. If the balance in 1500 USD / EUR / .. warrant = 0.15 lots).

Remember, no one except you is not liable for any investment decisions made by you. Current yield strategies and trading systems does not guarantee them the same performance in the future.

Good luck!

Midnight EA


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