Russians become smaller parade

Russians become smaller parade

AT 2014
the market of goods in the luxury segment
Russia “lose weight” at 18%. such ugliness
was not even in times of crisis 2008 – 2009
years, when consumption ultradorogih
things fell by only 5%. The list
get virtually all categories
luxury goods, including clothing, watches,
jewelry, cars, accessories

such a serious drop in sales of “things
for rich “become sharp devaluation
ruble, on the basis of a geopolitical crisis
Crimean events, decline in consumer
sentiment in the country, and, oddly enough,
the disappointment of the Olympic Games in Sochi, on the
which waited unprecedented upsurge

the Russian crisis and the decline in solvency
our citizens seriously affected the
Sales in Europe: France and resorts
Italy, medieval streets of Prague,
Strasbourg, shops and hotels in Spain –
They all missed a pretty big
the number of tourists.

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