Ruble loose free swimming or free fall

Ruble loose: free swimming or free fall?

Today, the central
Bank of Russia raised even higher official
US dollar against the ruble
at 25.91 kopecks. – up to 42.6525 rubles. The euro exchange rate against the ruble
were higher by 47 kopecks. – 54.3393 rubles ..

I remember that the central bank
next year would like to release
Ruble in the “free swimming” … All
more convinced that critical
levels of the ruble has long been jumped, and
Now he is no longer in “free
swimming “, and in” free fall. ”
National Russian currency is not
I was able to stay afloat because of the
sanctions ruble immediately went to the bottom.

When the oil is consolidated
near 84,11-87,80 ruble easily
“Rushed” through resistance
42.80. And now the only Russian bank –
the only seller in the forex
market, which is trying to meet
the demand for dollars and euros.

Over the past one and a half
Week in Russian society grows
severe strain due to a sharp
Growth in foreign exchange rates.
The continuing decline of the ruble could
provoke strong capital outflows
with bank deposits, and that’s when
start a real panic. And the central bank
stop it no longer can. exit only
one of either the Central Bank is changing the rules of the game, or
we wait until the dollar at 46-47 rubles
already this year.

Ruble loose free swimming or free fall

cartoon image of available sources

Recall dollar
He reached the mark of 43.20 immediately after the meeting
FOMC, and the dollar itself closed in a good plus
– Major currencies fell against the dollar
by about 150 points.

The outcome of the meeting was
on completion of the program a message
quantitative easing and the preservation of
key interest rates unchanged
level (0% – 0.25%). purchases of government bonds
They plan to finish on 31 October.

Now the pair USD / RUB
trading at
43.438, and the pair EUR / RUB
at the level of 54.674.

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