The indicator shows the parameters of your system strategy: winning percentage, the ratio of compensation and risk, the normal ratio of reward / risk rejection.

Description color line:

  • The blue line – It indicates the overall percentage of winning strategy positions equal to the total number of winning trades divided by the number of trades (winning and losing).
  • Green Line – the overall ratio of reward / risk trade.
  • white line – the overall ratio of reward / risk, which should be in your account to access the breakeven. Means zero profit (calculated according to the strategy lines).
  • yellow line – the overall ratio of reward / risk, calculated in the currency of your account deposit. For example, this parameter indicates the deviation of the ratio of compensation in pips and dollars, if the currency of your account is the dollar.

Display Setting:

  • ShowDeviation – true or false for a display line deflection.
  • FromDate – date as a string parameter to select history interval. If this parameter is empty, the display shows all the data.
  • Currency – if you specify a currency pair, the indicator will display the profit and loss only for her. If the value is empty, it will show all the currencies.
  • MagicNo – when specifying Magica (used by some advisors), the indicator will show the profit and loss only trades with Magick.


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