Ruble loose free swimming or free fall

Ruble loose: free swimming or free fall?

Today, the central
Bank of Russia raised even higher official
US dollar against the ruble
at 25.91 kopecks. – up to 42.6525 rubles. The euro exchange rate against the ruble
were higher by 47 kopecks. – 54.3393 rubles ..

I remember that the central bank
next year would like to release
Ruble in the “free swimming” … All
more convinced that critical
levels of the ruble has long been jumped, and
Now he is no longer in “free
swimming “, and in” free fall. ”
National Russian currency is not
I was able to stay afloat because of the
sanctions ruble immediately went to the bottom.

When the oil is consolidated
near 84,11-87,80 ruble easily
“Rushed” through resistance
42.80. And now the only Russian bank –
the only seller in the forex
market, which is trying to meet
the demand for dollars and euros.

Over the past one and a half
Week in Russian society grows
severe strain due to a sharp
Growth in foreign exchange rates.
The continuing decline of the ruble could
provoke strong capital outflows
with bank deposits, and that’s when
start a real panic. And the central bank
stop it no longer can. exit only
one of either the Central Bank is changing the rules of the game, or
we wait until the dollar at 46-47 rubles
already this year.

Ruble loose free swimming or free fall

cartoon image of available sources

Recall dollar
He reached the mark of 43.20 immediately after the meeting
FOMC, and the dollar itself closed in a good plus
– Major currencies fell against the dollar
by about 150 points.

The outcome of the meeting was
on completion of the program a message
quantitative easing and the preservation of
key interest rates unchanged
level (0% – 0.25%). purchases of government bonds
They plan to finish on 31 October.

Now the pair USD / RUB
trading at
43.438, and the pair EUR / RUB
at the level of 54.674.

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Russians become smaller parade

Russians become smaller parade

AT 2014
the market of goods in the luxury segment
Russia “lose weight” at 18%. such ugliness
was not even in times of crisis 2008 – 2009
years, when consumption ultradorogih
things fell by only 5%. The list
get virtually all categories
luxury goods, including clothing, watches,
jewelry, cars, accessories

such a serious drop in sales of “things
for rich “become sharp devaluation
ruble, on the basis of a geopolitical crisis
Crimean events, decline in consumer
sentiment in the country, and, oddly enough,
the disappointment of the Olympic Games in Sochi, on the
which waited unprecedented upsurge

the Russian crisis and the decline in solvency
our citizens seriously affected the
Sales in Europe: France and resorts
Italy, medieval streets of Prague,
Strasbourg, shops and hotels in Spain –
They all missed a pretty big
the number of tourists.

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Bulls MACD MT4

Bulls MACD MT4

The product combines the chart two classic indicators – Bulls and MACD.

The indicator may be used as well as the two classical indicator together or separately.

Input parameters:

  • BearsPeriod = 9;
  • SignalPeriod = 5.

Bulls MACD MT4

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Benefit EA

Benefit EA

Advisor is based on Martingale system in both directions, with an inner overlap of the second and Martingale RRS function (risk reduction system)

Basic deposit 10000

Shoulder 1: 500, 1: 1000

Chart Period: M1, M5 and M15



Base settings

  • New_Cycle – enables or disables the cyclical opening of branches of warrants
  • MAGIC – the magic number should be changed, if one account is used several currency pairs which operates this EA
  • Slippage – slip forex rates, the default value of 3, should not be changed unless you know what it is
  • Max_Trades – the maximum number of open orders in a branch (Max 17)
  • Max_Lot – the maximum value of the lot

TP settings

  • TP Buy – Take profit Buy, level of points on which the adviser is going to close the position
  • TP Sell -Take profit Sell, level of points on which the adviser is going to close the position
  • VTP – enables or disables Trailing
  • Trailing_Start – the level at the point at which the adviser is going to open Trailing
  • Trailing_Size – the volume in which points adviser will be used for broaching Trailing_Start or close

Risk Reduction System

  • RRS – enables or disables work Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_oOrder – order number from which the branch starts to work Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_cOrder – order number from which the branch stops working Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_TPTake profit in points for which will be closed orders related to the function Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Trailing_Start – the level at the point at which the adviser is going to open Trailing for orders Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Trailing_Size – the volume in which points adviser will be used for broaching RRS_Trailing_Start functions Risk Reduction System
  • RRS_Profit_Percent – a tool for getting out of debt drawdown (recommended 70-90%)

Buy and Sell settings

  • Step_Buy (Sell) – step opening of another branch in points order
  • Step_Coef_Buy (Sell) – increasing the opening rate of the next step, order
  • Step_Coef_Start_Order_Buy (Sell) – order number at which begins work Step_Coef_Buy (Sell)
  • Step_Mass_Buy (Sell) – the value in the default locations, the step of opening orders if Step_Coef_Buy (Sell) is 0
  • Min_Lot_Buy (Sell) – minimum bid opening of the first order
  • Lot_Exp_Buy (Sell) – magnification factor Min_Lot_Sell subsequent orders

Time filter settings

  • Time_Filters – enables or disables the operation in timeslots

Benefit EA


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Oh Avtralii

Oh, Avtralii !!!

The Australian dollar reached for the other currencies of the G10, to try to develop a correction against its US namesake after the publication of disappointing statistics on retail sales and producer prices against the backdrop of the collapse of the US stock indices, however, get involved in the growth of our own peril. Firm stance of the Reserve Bank, who believes the rate of national currency overvalued based on various fundamental valuation methods and confident that further devaluation will help to balance the economy of the Green Continent, as well as the introduction of import duties on coal is China, which threatens to further undermine the already shaky the position of Australian exporters do not allow the “bulls” on the AUD / USD breathe easy. We can not say that the “Aussie” no growth drivers. Until October 15, when during the American session, the individual FOREX currency pairs showed an increase of as much as 2 pieces per hour, volatility stabilized, which gradually returned to the market players on the difference. For them, the sovereign bonds of the Green continent still look tasty morsel, especially since the cost of funding in the United States, contrary to expectations, continues to decline. This leads to expansion of the yield differential of Australian and US bonds and contributes to capital inflows in the debt market south of the country. Reducing inflation in China to 1.6% g / g. in September, it gives hope for the expansion of the stimulus package by the People’s Bank and the unexpected increase in Chinese imports by 7% y / y. It indicates the probability of improving the state of Australia’s foreign trade. Alas, the hope for continued growth AUD / USD is still not worth it. The unemployment rate in the Green Continent jumped to a peak in the last 11 years, and in such circumstances, the Reserve Bank will prefer the preservation of loose monetary policy, especially since the peak of the oil market certainly will affect the inflation. Technically, the pair AUD / USD maintains the tendency towards consolidation in the range of 0,865-0,905.

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As Apple stole from banks dream

As Apple stole from banks dream

Victor LysenkoOsnovatel and CEO RoketbankaNovaya Apple Pay technology does not threaten the banks and payment systems. It just would deprive them of a monopoly on information about customer behavior, and this is a huge source of future income

The last few years, bankers anxiously glancing at the Apple side, waiting for the invasion of their territory. Around the preparations for the attack were many rumors. Finally, a week ago, the company launched its project payments Apple Pay, and it is now possible since the facts in hand to find out what it is.

In connection with an Apple campaign on the financial market there are many questions. whether banks will suffer? Is there a threat of payment systems? The answer Samsung? And in the end, what is so new Apple’s done, what not to do to her?

Banks had something to fear from the very beginning of Apple smartphones look like a logical device for payment. In 2012, there was PassBook application that allows you to use loyalty cards and coupons, well, about 800 million accounts with iTumes attached to them by credit card customers and say nothing.

Not enough detail. And this year, Apple has made the last few steps: quickly add user identification by fingerprint, built into their smartphones NFC function, as well as contracts with payment systems, several major banks and retail chains with the United States.

What is the process of buying in a store using Apple Pay? To begin, the user needs to bind to service their bank card by already tied to iTunes or add a new one. It’s enough to take a picture of the map and enter the security code. The store at the checkout buyer brings the smartphone to the terminal on the screen pops up a notice of the impending purchase, for which authorization is sufficient to press a finger on the Touch ID button. The coincidence of the fingerprint is the proof of payment, and money is deducted from the card attached, the customer is informed about this phone vibration. This is one of the simplest procedures offered at the market.

Apple – is not the first company to try their hand at mobile payments, and they still take root is not very smooth. It turned out that simply connect the card to the mobile app is not enough: pay card itself often faster than waiting for the application to determine which store you are and what you should do. And the user’s behavior in this case, changes little. But Apple, in the first place, really implemented payments “in one click”, and secondly, find a way to move to the phone from a leather wallet is not only a bank card, and all that it is, including the loyalty program cards and transportation cards. And thirdly, already a huge amount of users linked to the iTunes charts in its assets.

It is important that this is a safer method of payment than payment cards. The data of the card when making the payment does not appear anywhere instead of a smartphone and the terminal exchange “token” – a special code, which is formed for a specific transaction. This was possible thanks published in March this year, the consortium EMVCo specifications, brings together the largest payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB). That is, the attackers are much less likely to intercept card data and use them for fraud.

So, what does this mean for the payment systems? Their position is only strengthened, because Apple now uses not only have they created earlier infrastructure in the form of credit cards, processes, etc., but also a new specification for contactless payments.

What to expect the banks? Banks can temporarily relax them in the near future is not threatened. Now Apple has agreed with the six largest banks in the United States (American Express, Bank of America, Capital One Bank, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo) that Apple the Pay service will serve their cards. Many are not included in this list of banks got in line and wish to connect too. According to preliminary information, Apple will take with them 0.15% of the amount of transactions carried out. For most countries, it is quite a moderate percentage, and the banks will be able to a “pull”. That is much in the pocket of the banks climb Apple does not plan, in fact, like to make a payment hold.

Does Apple take the place of the banks? No, I do not want – the company does not get into the business in which it is necessary to come from an unexpected transaction in Bulgaria, and there are not huge revenues to explain to tens of millions of customers, where in the discharge of their map. For Apple, it is more important to capitalize on the sale of their devices than to climb into a complex card business of banks. Rather, it repeats the story of the sale of music tracks through iTunes at a low price: if they were all amazed low price of music supposedly not profitable for Apple’s, and the company has earned a lot of money by selling players.

Already connected to the project, the Bank exhaled with relief and rejoicing retreated threat advertising partnership with Apple on your site or on the ATM screen. However, Apple has stolen from banks dream. The last few years a lot of people told the banks that they have the Holy Grail – information about the buying behavior of customers, which can be converted into a huge source of revenue through targeted offers to users and promotional mechanics. This Grail exists, but the banks of it will get nothing, Apple wants to pick it up yourself. The company is already gaining in his team of specialists in loyalty programs and its advertising platform iAd she already has.

Apple Pay Promotion will not, of course, an easy walk in the park. A number of major reteylovyh networks, including such giants as Wal-mart, Kmart, 7-Eleven, and Best Buy, said they will block at accepting payments via Apple Pay. And they do it not just to Apple peak: the network together and create their own application called CurrentC, which is expected to launch next year. And retailers want to exclude from the chain more and payment systems to save on commissions: the money should be charged not with a credit card, and directly from the customer’s account. However, so far none of the banks is not connected to this system.

It is clear that the fight for the NFC-payments and transaction information of clients to be sharp. And the main competitor, Samsung, will not sit still and try to counterattack. Galaxy S5 smartphone already lets you log in to the PayPal payment system, fingerprint, and there are rumors that in the near future, the company will present and “smart” watches with similar payment functions.

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PipFinite Breakout Analyzer MT5

PipFinite Breakout Analyzer MT5

Pipfinite offers unique, high-quality and accessible tools of the trade.

Our tools can not fit your trading style, so we strongly recommend that you start getting to know them a demo version for MT4. Please test indicator before buying.

Product reviews are welcome. We hope that the light will be useful to you.


Sharing Breakout Analyzer and Volume Critical

  • Strategy: Log on confirmed a turn settings
  • Watch the video: (Link)

Sharing Breakout Analyzer and Strength Meter

  • Strategy: on vysokoveroyatnostnym breakdowns Login
  • Watch the video: (Link)


Advanced detection of the breakdown on the basis of pricing models vysokoveroyatnostnyh.

It works as an indicator inputs. It works on any pair and timeframe

  • Universal compatibility with other trading systems.
  • Analyzes statistical data on breakdowns signals to predict possible targets.
    • Average Breakout – average potential profit from the previous maximum profit signals
      • It can be used as targets for the following approximate breakdown signal
      • It can be used as a target for trading systems on a trend
    • Short Term Breakout = Average profit below the average breakdown
      • It can be used as a target for scalping
      • It can be used as a target for the systems of trade against the trend
  • several signals
    • It gives a lot of opportunities to enter the market
    • It gives a lot of possibilities for filtering signals from other indicators
  • Flexible tool can be used in many ways to improve the trading system
  • Point of entry
    • Entering the market with confirmation from the system
  • exit strategy
    • The output is made by the trader’s discretion according to his / her strategy
      • support / resistance zone
      • Reversal signals on price action patterns
    • Statistical data
      • Out of transactions when the profit value “Average Breakout”
      • Partial closure of transactions when the profit value Short Term Breakout
    • Exit Scope It can be used as an alternative exit strategy
  • Tuning recommendations:
    • Period = 4 to 10
      • Period = 4 timeframe H4
      • Period = 5 timeframe H1
      • Period = 6 timeframe M15
      • Period = 7 timeframe M5
  • auxiliary tool
    • It combines well with trading the price action
    • Ideal with support / resistance
    • confirmation spreads Volume Critical
    • Confirmation by means of signals Trend Laser
    • Confirmation by means of signals Strength Meter
  • Never redrawn
  • Not late with rendering
  • Never converted
  • Sending a signal to a strictly “bar closing”
  • It can be used to develop expert

Links to video

Watch in High Definition format for review

  • types of signals (Link)
  • application (Link)
  • settings (Link)
  • The combination with other filters (Link)

Improve their trade

You can find other tools to help you in your trading by link

PipFinite Breakout Analyzer MT5


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The indicator shows the parameters of your system strategy: winning percentage, the ratio of compensation and risk, the normal ratio of reward / risk rejection.

Description color line:

  • The blue line – It indicates the overall percentage of winning strategy positions equal to the total number of winning trades divided by the number of trades (winning and losing).
  • Green Line – the overall ratio of reward / risk trade.
  • white line – the overall ratio of reward / risk, which should be in your account to access the breakeven. Means zero profit (calculated according to the strategy lines).
  • yellow line – the overall ratio of reward / risk, calculated in the currency of your account deposit. For example, this parameter indicates the deviation of the ratio of compensation in pips and dollars, if the currency of your account is the dollar.

Display Setting:

  • ShowDeviation – true or false for a display line deflection.
  • FromDate – date as a string parameter to select history interval. If this parameter is empty, the display shows all the data.
  • Currency – if you specify a currency pair, the indicator will display the profit and loss only for her. If the value is empty, it will show all the currencies.
  • MagicNo – when specifying Magica (used by some advisors), the indicator will show the profit and loss only trades with Magick.


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  • MultiCurrencyRSI

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  • Dynamic RSI Pointer

    Dynamic RSI Pointer Dynamic RSI Pointer designed Pointer Productions Pledge of effective work in the market – it is a competent combination of the best…

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Binary Options AutoTrading BodTrader

Binary Options AutoTrading BodTrader

BodTrader – automatic trading advisor, designed for binary options with the expiration of 60 seconds.

The robot is optimized for instruments and EURUSDbo USDJPYbo. He has an advantage over the market and a strong resistance to a series of losses.

It only works with brokers that provide a supplement to the MetaTrader 4 terminal for trading binary options.

Disabling the robot before and after important news release is recommended, but not required.

The robot can not be checked on the story, because MT4 does not allow testing for stories of binary options.

parameters advisor

To maximize the trade, at the counselor, there are only two options:

  • lotAmount – The amount of interest one option. lotAmount varies between different brokers.
  • minBalanceToTrade – Minimum balance to protect the capital.

Binary Options AutoTrading BodTrader


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Screencast Maks Kayzer Corporate power Yeti and

Screencast: Maks Kayzer. Corporate power, Yeti and happiness

In the next issue "Survey Max Keizer" – economic news with commentary from leading, serious and not-so statements about the current state of the world.

Many countries have attracted the destruction of trade barriers between the states, but only a few understand the risks to
which linked the abolition of customs duties, taxes and restrictions. Leading authorities discuss programs
corporations, and in the second part of their guest – researcher of the impact of global issues
economy to culture and agriculture Helena Norberg-Hodge
– talks about how globalization affects people’s ability to
I feel happy.

Snow people who call in our honor – this is the reality? Soon there will be more and Yeti version of the review of Max Keizer, where they will talk to the yeti-language? All this – in today’s video tutorial.


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