Trading for Counter and PA_Levels

Trading for Counter and PA_Levels

I turned up a great chance to demonstrate the possibility of my advisors.

The Euro-dollar, 15-minute chart.

To analyze the advantage counselor Price Action Trader. Its peculiarity is that it shows the level with a given risk-earnings ratio. If you put only one order, the opening price will be on the dotted line, and StopLoss immediately behind the level abroad. Take Profit is set at the opposite level of the same timeframe. Trading for Counter and PA_Levels

In this situation, the order is placed against the day, 4-hour and hour trend. But the price at the time was near the Day level, which is the minimum from August 2012. In this case, touch this price level was not (it shows a bright color levels).

Therefore, another advantage of his adviser Counter. It allows you to set the number of orders at the right level, at the same time he will calculate the lot. on the basis of risk.

Since the day I showed a significant level (it is old and there was no touch). I assumed that the price of it, though not for a long time but should rebound. Because the trend is clearly down, I did not expect to buy dolgosrok. The result was what you see in the picture above. StopLoss for meaningful day level, TakeProfit of a contrast to the prior, and the opening price on the borders of the 4-hour and hourly levels.

Here’s what happened next.

Trading for Counter and PA_Levels

It looks like it was some kind of news. 3 otlozhki worked through the remaining two hours worked and the price went up. On the picture above price is in the area where the adviser did not find significant levels, so the position did not close.

Trading for Counter and PA_Levels Closed manually, as the price is not reached TakeProfit few points.

In my opinion, a remarkable result.

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