Scalp Tools Support and Resistance Levels

Scalp Tools Support and Resistance Levels

A handy tool for the analysis of important price levels in the market. Calculates support and resistance levels, and automatically saves all important settings for each symbol and timeframe! Very easy to use thanks to the graphical interface! Details are shown in the YouTube-video in HD-quality.

Please do not click “Download Trial” button! This tool does not work on a stand-alone graphics / strategy tester! Available product demo (works only on USDCAD): Scalp Tools Support And Resistance Levels

This utility does not work in the strategy tester!


  • SRLinesWidth – line thickness
  • SRLinesColorM1 SRLinesColorMN1: Color lines corresponding timeframes
  • AutoSaveType
    • SAVE_PERIODS_AND_SYMBOLS: All the settings for each symbol period and are stored separately
    • SAVE_ONLY_PERIODS: Saves the settings separately timeframe
  • IncreaseDecreaseFont – change only in the case of display problems (too large or small font)


  • M1 – MN1: Enables / disables the timeframes.
  • High / Low distance: Minimum distance between the maximum and minimum
  • Min pips diff: The minimum distance between two lines
  • Analyze bars: The number of bars for the calculation.


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