Reports on inflation in US dollar is shaken

Reports on inflation in the US dollar is shaken

On Friday evening, after
the opening of trading on the American markets
the dollar got a little “kick” down,
when they left the inflation data in the US –
last month the index of consumer
US prices fell by 0.4%, as analysts have been waiting for.

The pair USD / CHF to 18:28 MSK on
increased by 1.98% – up to 0.8576 from yesterday
lows at 0.7360. EUR / CHF rose
1.02% – up to 0.9877 low at 0.8204.

At this time, the pair EUR / USD
It fell by 1.01% – up to 1.1513, approaching again
to new lows.

Dollar continues
rising against the yen, with USD / JPY rising on
1.23% – to 117.60, and the GBP / USD pair fell
0.42% – to the level of 1.5119.

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