Brent climbs almost $ 80 per barrel

Brent climbs: almost $ 80 per barrel

the dollar weakened slightly, there was a rumor
possible changes in the attitudes
OPEC countries, and these factors have served
shaky ground to ensure that the oil
gradually rose
up. Brent crude oil at 15.05 MSK
worth 79.23 dollars a barrel on the ICE
(January futures), WTI
(At NYMEX) reached
to 75.82 dollars per barrel.

to what extent
stable will this driver –
unclear. At the moment, investors
trying to figure out whether the International dare
the oil cartel to decrease quotas
production or continue to “cool price
war “with other suppliers. On the one
hand, the low price of oil is not very
beneficial its main exporters. FROM
on the other hand, if oil is expensive
– it will give additional impetus to the
expand the “shale revolution”
in the US, and even the ruble will strengthen.

known that Venezuela and Ecuador will
insist on reducing production threshold
(In this case Venezuela held formal
talks with Russia at the ministerial level
Energy and Foreign Affairs). Saudi
Arabia, Iraq and Libya to reduce the production,
It did not seem to gather. Who would win –
it is easy to predict: today
moment of Saudi Arabia – the main
largest exporter of black gold. But
miracles happen – and next week
it becomes clear how often.

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