Wall Street indexes again updated records

Wall Street indexes again updated records

US benchmarks established
New all-time highs. S P
500 added 0.29%; DJIA strengthened
0.04%; Nasdaq rose 0.89%.

the world economy beginning nourished
incentives of regulators from different countries
world – Mario Draghi pledged to disperse
inflation in the euro zone, reduced their
Chinese interest rates, strong
actions are made in Japan. yesterday’s
positive statistics from Europe (which grew
index of business confidence in
Germany) further contributed
the rise of the index.

As for individual companies, to
example, on the eve of Thanksgiving Day
It added 2.3% by capitalization network
electronics stores Best
Buy Co. the sale
in the coming weeks will grow by about
4%: in the country began a period of training
the Christmas and New Year holidays.
Against this background, and other retailers have grown:
5.4% shares rose Urban
Outfitters, on
2,6% – Coach Inc.

company Tetraphase
Pharmaceuticals risen
11% to obscure possible rumors
the sale of the company to a larger competitor.

telecommunications: Verizon
Communications lost
1,4%, AT T
– 1.6%; Sprint Corp – 1,4%.

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