Indicator SpreadInfo It displays synthetic tool movement, which consists of several basic tools.

The concept is very simple. Drawn synthetic tool, a simple formula which describes (parameter spread indicator).

Indicator builds a graph of the synthetic tool, and based on this graph builds regression channel (see. Screenshots).


  • Make sure that all currency pairs are as defined in formula indicator, present in the “Market Watch” window.
  • Ensure that all pairs of quotes selected timeframe loaded.
  • drag the indicator SpreadInfo from the navigator at the chart and set the input parameters to your liking.


  • Indicator resource-intensive, so the option is added barsCalculate. It is recommended to set its value to 4000.
  • trading style – depending on your strategy, can be used for the breakdown of the regression channel or on the rebound.

input variables

  • spread – actually “formula” describing himself synthetics, takes values ​​in the formula ([-EURUSD {0.02}] [- GBPUSD {0.09}] [+ NZDUSD {1.02}] .. [+ AUDUSD {0.03}]), where (+ | -) is (BUY | SELL) symbol {item}
  • postfix – for characters that have a “tail”, for example EURUSD.m, you must specify this parameter .m
  • cDegree – regression channel curvature
  • cWidth – regression channel width
  • rcDaysBack – the number of days to build a regression channel
  • cSmooth – smoothing synthetic graphics
  • showComment – Comments on the chart, such as the spread, required collateral, Swap
  • startFrom – date / time of the origin of synthetics
  • barsCalculate – the number of bars for the calculation.


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