MultiOsc Trend Flat Detector

MultiOsc Trend Flat Detector

The indicator analyzes the effect of price movements over a given period by means of a built-in oscillator with the possibility of additional smoothing values ​​using the moving average (26 species) and conditional displays current state of the market: the trend is up, flat or downward trend.


  • OscMode – used built oscillator
  • PeriodOsc – calculating the period of the oscillator
  • PriceOsc – the price used to calculate the values ​​of the oscillator
  • PeriodSm – smoothing period results
  • ModeSm – antialiasing mode
  • UseIntegratedTrendFlatLevels – to true it means the use of built-in level of trend / flat, otherwise the value of the settings will be used below
  • TrendLevelUp – level trend start up
  • TrendLevelDn – the level of the beginning of the downward trend
  • FlatLevelUp – level transition trend upwards into flat
  • FlatLevelDn – level transition trend downward to flat
  • Precision – the accuracy of the calculations (number of digits after the decimal point)

MultiOsc Trend Flat Detector

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