Euro go ahead German unemployment at record low

Euro, go ahead! German unemployment at a record low in 20 years

Today published
reports on the number of unemployed in Germany.
According to this report, the number is not
having a job has decreased this month
14 thousand -. to 2.87 million people. About it
According to the Federal Agency for
German employment. analysts
expected reduction in the number
unemployed only 1 thousand.

Now, according to
revised data, in October,
of unemployed in Germany decreased by
23 ths., Instead of 22 thousand., Has been reported to
this. Unemployment same was 6.6%, and
it’s a record low for the past
Twenty years!

In November, unemployment
Germany also remains at
6.6%, while the market waited for the conservation level
September – 6.7% (this was March and
September). The German economy returned
to an increase in the III quarter,
and improved performance of the business
and consumer confidence in November.
But the Bundesbank is not yet sure
Recovery will continue until the end of the year
in the same quiet rhythm.

Recovery in Germany resumes
in the coming months, as low
unemployment and a weak euro supported
consumer spending and exports".
– says a senior economist at Capital
Economics Jennifer McCune.

The euro was little
support after this report, however,
while the pair EUR / USD keeps
negative movement – now!
It is trading at 1.2475, a decline of

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