Completely renovated in MetaTrader 5 for Android

Completely renovated in the MetaTrader 5 for Android: held redesign, add a glass of price tick chart and financial news (VIDEO)

Trading in MetaTrader 5 from your Android-device was
even more convenient and enjoyable. In the latest build of the application received a new look, is entirely consistent with the guideline Google Style Guide, – our designers
significantly upgrade the program.

Completely renovated in MetaTrader 5 for Android

However, we have worked not only on the envelope,
but also on the content: you are now available new opportunities for approximating
application functionality to the desktop version:

  • Added support for glass prices. The option is available for
    characters that are traded in the stock exchange during runtime.

  • tick chart is now available trade transactions.
  • added
    the system log, which records information on all events during
    of the terminal, including sophisticated trading.

  • Became available to financial news. Without leaving
    terminal, you can quickly read all the important messages about the situation in the markets and
    keep abreast. News editors are selected on the basis of "only
    really useful for trading information, no debris, no advertisements".

In addition, in the new build, appeared timeframes
W1 (one week) and MN (month), localization in Greek and was conducted
Portuguese and added sound trading. Of course, errors of previous versions were corrected.

"Mobile" in relation to the MetaTrader 5 Android is now not
so "pared down" – the application was close to the possibilities
desktop version. Download the latest build, and evaluate all these innovations themselves –
application evaluation button is now in the tab "About" and also looks
in a new way.

Note: Support for devices with older versions of the operating system
Android (4.0 or later) is stopped,
but previous build of the MetaTrader 5 Android is not removed and remains
available for download from Google Play or on the official website in the MetaTrader 5.

The same dramatic changes soon and await
MetaTrader 4 Android – release should be out within the next month.
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