Belgium paralyzed social protests

Belgium paralyzed social protests

One of the most
calm European paralyzed
nationwide strike. Unions
Belgium recommended to fellow citizens sit
at home or join the public
shares. In all regions of the country are blocked
strike or civil service (education institutions,
health centers, administrative
service, public services). paralyzed
transport operations – did not come to Pilot
buses, trams, metro, do not ride the train
across the country (including Belgian
segments international rail
lines), completely blocked air
space of the country. Canceled all flights
to / from Brussels and Charleroi.

The reason for the protest
– austerity that
introduced in the country by the new government.
It is planned to cut back on a number of social
benefits by reducing grants. increase
retirement age and total growth
prices for all – also the subject of the perturbation union leaders. Also strikers demand
increase on large capital tax.

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