Moscow Hide and Seek US companies are breaking

Moscow Hide and Seek: US companies are breaking the law with her daughters sanction companies

The Wall Street Journal raises a very interesting topic in its pages. With Russian companies from "blacklist" American partners can not work. But in a company registered anywhere in Monaco, and under the control of foreign nationals, it is difficult to suspect the closest relative of concern "Kalashnikov". How to get out of such situations?

Company to ensure compliance
sanctions should first deal with the
the intricacies of Russian branches
firms. Western firms that are trying to
to avoid the consequences of sanctions against
Russia, are facing a fundamental
problem: they will have to start
to find out, whether owned by a cute
partner company of a larger company
from the sanctions list.

individuals and companies from the “black list”
We have extensive contacts with other firms
in different countries around the world. And so
this raises an ethical question: how
restrict business with Sanctions
list, but gracefully save
due to the “clean” firms? And where is the guarantee,
that the company with which you are working,
is no second cousin’s daughter “Rosneft”?

The scale of the tragedy

The United States contributed to the
sanctions lists 50 companies and 57
human. These units have a proportion of 107
ownership or full control
thousands of other companies worldwide
(Sometimes indirectly) according collected
Dow Jones Risk Compliance data.
Such native and “cousins” daughter can
It is found in more than 70 countries
the world (including, in fact, the United States).

The objectives of the recent
sanctions are different from other sanctions
modes that are normally focused
on order, more isolated from
global business community. Now all
harder, and US companies
search of partners should be as
attentive and well-sorted
tangle of branches of Russian companies,
to ensure compliance with the law.

entrepreneurs say: “Indeed
extremely difficult to comply with the anti-Russian
sanctions”. The main problem – to find out
exactly who owns what (taking into account,
that is information that has traditionally
not advertised).

Ignorance of the law does not relieve from responsibility

Among the companies,
having regard to Russia – for example,
manufacturer Arctic icebreakers,
Finnish company Arctech Helsinki
Shipyard Inc. It is 50% owned
Russia’s United Shipbuilding
Corporation, according to its own same
website and to Dow Agency
Jones. In July, all business have been banned
Due to the Russian shipbuilder
and given its share of the Finnish company,
Americans stop working yet

Arctech to a request from the Wall
Street Journal on the subject do not

It’s just
one example. The situation for the US
Business is further complicated by the fact that
US authorities do not take
work on the preparation of “suspicious” list
subsidiaries, and companies in the search
Business partners must not only,
scrutinize sanctions
lists by themselves, so still and alone
conduct a study to identify
the rights of potential accessories

It means
additional investments in the development
security service, hiring professionals
appropriate level.

And what would happen if
someone inattentive Americans
the enemy will continue to support the firm
bypassing the sanctions? Everything is simple: in this case,
the company is facing straight
responsibility, because it violates
sanctions laws. Even if the company does not
He knows that actually works
for the benefit of Russia, it should still

"gray list"

There are so
called “gray list” – it
includes, for example, the Bank of Moscow and Rosneft.
It is less categorical, in relations
with companies belonging to it, is prohibited
Only certain types of operations –
e.g., crediting. This sectoral
sanctions list. These firms are imposed
less restrictive in partnership
American corporations, however,
experts say that here, too, is
“Blow on water”. “As soon as you learn
that the company is in the spectrum
the interests of the US government,
you should think twice before
start working with it. ”

important and
“Interest” company affiliation
to sanction the management or
“Parent company.” For example, “disgraced
the proportion of “50% – this is a strict ban on
any links. Such Russian companies
– “untouchables” for Western business
(Such, for example, all of our concerns
arms industry or the same
most shipbuilders). But “when dealing
now, Russian share of which –
only 33%, I would definitely sweating. And be found
a more suitable partner, “- say
experienced analysts and experts of the American

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Dashboard Super Currency Strength Demo

Dashboard Super Currency Strength Demo

Dashboard Super Currency Strength Demo – this is a demo version of the product Dashboard Super Currency Strength, which It has full functionality paid version, except that used for signaling is only 1 meter power converter with timeframe M30 and H1 (in the full power meters are used to select a currency all timeframes range).

Please click on the link for the full version.

expert Features

  • Customizable trading sessions: for automated trading can be installed 3 session.
  • The possibility of automated trading
  • Selecting pairs (symbols) for trade: you can choose which pair (s) to trade.
  • Customizable status bar
  • It’s easy to configure the CSM
  • Very simple and easy to use.

the input signal

See screenshot 2

Be sure to follow these steps to this panel to work.

Important steps in front of a panel

  1. Download historical data for all 28 pairs. Use this free tool to download historical data with just one drag link.
  2. Make sure that all 28 characters are selected in the window “Market Watch”.
  3. The panel looked clear and neat, it is best to use black color scheme. Please see the screenshot 5.

Description of the input parameters

  • Use AutoTrade: Use automated trading
    • Yes: buy / sell orders will be sent when the signal
    • No: the order will not be sent even if there is a signal
  • Send Alert upon Signal: Serve pop-up notifications when the signal (See note 3)
  • Send Notification upon Signal: Send notifications when a signal (See note 3)
  • Single pair TP in pips: takeprofit pips in one pair.
  • Single pair SL in pips: stop-loss in one pair of pips
  • CSM1 / 2/3 of:
    • Use CSM1 / 2/3 – use CSM 1/2/3
    • CSM Timeframe of CSM1 / 2/3 – CSM CSM 1/2/3 timeframe for
    • CSM limit of CSM1 / 2/3 – CSM limit for CSM 1/2/3
  • Magic Number: magic number.
  • Lot Size: Lot Size
  • Basket TP in $: Take Profit basket sum of money (see explanation in Note 1)
  • Basket SL in $: Stop-loss amount of money in the basket
  • Max Spread: The maximum spread, once spread exceeds the maximum spread, the order will be sent.
  • Trading Session: trading session, if the time is out of session, the order will be sent.
    • Close all trades after session (s): to close all transactions after the session
      • Yes: all active (open) positions will be closed at the closing session
      • No: neither active (open) position is closed at the closing session
    • Please note: as a start time and end time of the local computer, not the server’s time
    • Use Session1: use the session 1
      • Session1 Start Time: start time of the session 1
      • Session1 End Time: End Time Session 1
      • Session1comment: Comment warrants session 1
    • Use Session2: use the session 2
      • Session2 Start Time: start time of the session 2
      • Session2 End Time: End Time Session 2
      • Session2comment: Comment warrants session 2
    • Use Session3: use the session 3
      • Session3 Start Time: start time of the session 3
      • Session3 End Time: the end time of the session 3
      • Session3comment: Comment warrants session 3
    • Non-stop session is active if Use Session 1, 2 and 3 specified false.
  • TimeFrame of new chart: new timeframe chart
  • Suffix: the suffix character. For example: you have the symbol ‘EURUSDx’ instead of ‘EURUSD’, enter ‘x’ in the suffix field, leave the prefix empty
  • Prefix: prefix symbol
  • X_axis: position of the panel along the x
  • Y_axis: position of the panel in y

Objects panel

Objects 1-6 6 shown in the screenshot.

Objects 7-13: screenshot 7.

Objects 14-23: screenshot 8.

Objects 24-26: screenshot 9.

  1. Pair Tick Button: Press once to turn on the corresponding pair trade. Click once again to deactivate.
  2. Pair Symbol Button:
    • Click on the button to open the corresponding chart in new window
  3. Spread column: displays the current spread of each pair.
  4. Indicator Status Panel: indicates which LEDs are selected to provide a signal
  5. CSM Trend Panel: trend designation CSM
  6. CSM1 / 2/3 Panel: Designation CSM 1/2/3
  7. Buy Button: buy button (see Note 2)
  8. Sell ​​Button: Button sale
  9. Close Button: closes all the positions of the corresponding pair
  10. Buy Volume Column: Column shopping spree
  11. Sell ​​Volume Column: Column sales
  12. Symbol: Symbol
  13. Profit Column: Column profit
  14. Profit Baskets: counting the number of baskets that have reached the take profit
  15. Basket TP: Take Profit basket
  16. Basket Highest: maximum profit, has ever reached the current basket
  17. Loss Baskets: counting the number of baskets that have reached the stop-loss
  18. Basket SL: stoploss basket
  19. Basket Lowest: the maximum loss ever reached current basket
  20. Current Basket Profit: The profit of the current basket
  21. Close All: close all positions
  22. Close Profit: close all profitable positions
  23. Close Loss: close all unprofitable positions
  24. Session Monitor Panel: Session Description
  25. AutoTrade Monitor Panel: Designation of automated trading
  26. Pair / Currency Selection Button: couples / Currency Button
    • All: select all 28 pairs
    • None: clear all selected pairs
    • EUR: select all pairs EUR, eg EURUSD, EURJPY …
    • Similarly for the buttons USD, GBP, JPY …


See screenshot 4

If you have any individual request and / or suggestion, contact me.
Dashboard Super Currency Strength Demo

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Automatic Fibo and Rectangle

Automatic Fibo and Rectangle

The indicator shows the Fibonacci levels and rectangles. The rectangle indicates the price movement.


  • fibo: show levels Fibnachchi (default true).
  • Rectangle: show rectangles (default true).
  • Line: display line (default true).


  • If the line Fibnachchi red and rectangle – green, the trend is up.
  • If the line Fibnachchi green and rectangle – red downtrend.

Automatic Fibo and Rectangle

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  • Direction

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Slice Of Heaven

Slice Of Heaven


Description of the latest updates on news Adviser can be found on my blog

  • First Counselor, combining 8 councilors with different analytical systems and different approaches for each pair, depending on how the couple or group of couples acting in relation to the levels of support and resistance, breakdown night scalping, trend, or different interests of the market. The entire analysis is based on data from multiple timeframes.
  • This is similar to a multi-level filter that gives the best deal, as the possibility of a deal to go through many checks before it will open.
  • Slice of Heaven sells 19 pairs at a time. You do not have to worry about the loss, as proposed here involves ultra-high accuracy on average only 1-2 trades a day.
  • To feel the power of this EA, it is necessary to use all together 19 pairs. Please do not limit yourself to only a part of them.
  • For security reasons, the adviser will not open 2 transactions on a single candle. Therefore, for example, when installing on a daily schedule, he will not open the 2 transaction in the same day by the same couple in the same direction. Therefore, we recommend 5-minute timeframe, so as not to miss a single deal.
  • Regarding the news: it is unlikely that a job counselor will affect the output of conventional and even breaking news. This is due to the high accuracy and the fact that the decision on the opening of the transaction depends on the results of long-term analysis. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to carry out a good fundamental analysis on and off a pair when you change the interest rate one of its currencies.


  • When installing the adviser on the chart in the settings you need to choose a pair to which the Advisor is installed.
  • In some pairs of the transaction will appear regularly, while others may be just 1 deal per month. It depends on the volatility of the pair, so you need to start working at full speed together because they complement each other.
  • Select a good ECN-broker, which offers a wide range of couples with different spreads.

Features martingale:

  • EA does not depend on anything other than real trading style. However, for fans of the martingale has a unique system of Martingale (disabled by default), which differs from other similar systems. This martingale system goes into standby mode, I am after receiving a certain number of pips loss (this number can be specified manually), and then begins to search for the best entry point, as well, depending on the signals and analysis results. With this martingale is no longer a matter of luck and does not create an additional loss-making transactions as usual.
  • Also, the martingale system has a choice of the number of opened deals. You can select 2 simultaneously open trades, 3 or even 3. You can specify different values ​​for TP and SL deals on martingale, or use the general parameters and trailing bezubytka.

Trailing Stop:

  • There are two adjustable parameters: Trailing level (stops distance from the current price) and Trailing Activation (beginning level trailing stop).


  • There are 2 adjustable parameters: BreakEven Level (number of pips to fix) and Breakeven Activation (at what level should begin translating to breakeven).


  • Each pair must have its own unique magic number. Make sure that the magic number is incremented by 1000, as adviser uses a range between these values ​​to assign a unique magic number for each open position (for example: you set adviser on AUDUSD, EURCAD, USDCHF and AUDUSD etc. To be used values >>1000, EURCAD >> 2000, USDCHF >> 3000 and so on).
  • Without martingale with all 19 pairs at a time: you can safely install the lot size of 0.05 when working with $ 500 or 0.1 at 1000 $.
  • With the default settings, and with all 19 pairs maximum drawdown of 25%


  • A complete list of expert parameters available here.

Slice Of Heaven

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Tended layout

tended layout

If you put on the chart moving averages with periods ranging from 1 to 1200, and divided them in the color spectrum, you can get a very interesting graph. This method is called Tendentsialnaya Planimetry, you can google or poyandeksit.

Tended layout

Putting a pattern on the monthly chart we get a picture like the picture above. On the monthly chart is drawn only around 300 MA schedule as it has "green" – comes just before the green spectrum. With convenient – clearly drawn "trend axis"Which is now in the region of 1,200.
Full spectral picture (1200 MA) currency pair can be obtained on the daily chart:

Tended layout

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Gold marking near $ 1 193

Gold marking near $ 1,193

Trading on the American stock market
closed in positive territory today in Asian
auction calm and moderate growth.

Gold for December delivery was strengthened
at levels above $ 1,190. If speculators
activated, the sale of gold will
spending by $ 1.200-1.220. Most likely, if
price above $ 1,220 will grow to $ 1.300-1.400.

Gold is trading at $ 1.194,60
ounce growth is 0.30%. support
see at a price of $ 1.173,90,
and resistance – to $ 1.204,10.

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Upward – unique night scalper.

Eh? Kspert trades only at night.

It features a unique adjustable by control transactions and asset management (Money Management).

means control function (Money Management), it will automatically determine the required size of the lot.

The adviser works almost all currency pairs on the period M5.?

P? Before you buy be sure to test the EA in the tester.?

For convenience, the adviser contains the minimum number of input parameters, and requires minimum intervention from the user.


  • Lots – Lot Size (not taken into account when MoneyManagement off function).
  • Slpp – Stop as a percentage of the channel amplitude.
  • MoneyManagement – asset management function.
  • MMMode – Modification function (MoneyManagement). It takes values ​​from 1 to 4 depending on the aggressiveness of the control. Where: 1 – minimum; 4 – the maximum level.
  • MSpread – The maximum allowable spread.
  • magic – Magic number of the order.


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Axiom technical analysis

Axiom technical analysis.

As we know, in any case, there are things that do not require additional evidence is applicable and technical analysis of the forex market.

Axiom of technical analysis – it is the conclusions reached by many generations of traders on the movement of foreign exchange rates and assessment of the situation in the various markets.

They are universal for forex, and for stock and commodity markets.

All findings are grouped into several groups, so the axioms themselves are not so much:

Price includes all – this axiom you can find in almost every textbook on technical analysis or forex. She argues that the price analysis allows to obtain complete information and to properly assess the condition of the market.

The price includes information on the latest developments, the price expresses the demand and supply of trade tools, find the display – the social, political and economic factors.

• Price has a direction – rate may rise, fall or move horizontally, but the direction is always there. Even when the flat, the price is still changing, but these movements are not very noticeable. That is the direction of the price plays a decisive role in choosing the direction of transactions and is the main subject of analysis.

• History repeats itself – this axiom is much broader than simply the statement that in certain time intervals course comes to similar values. There is more talk about the emergence of regularities in forex, when a similar event caused some market reaction. For example, an increase in inflation – is depreciation.

Knowing how to led the price themselves in a particular situation can predict the direction of the trend with repetition thereof in the future.

Correct perception of these axioms guarantee you a successful trading on the forex and receive substantial profits.

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MultiTimeFrame Momentum

MultiTimeFrame Momentum

This indicator is based on the classic indicator of Momentum. 

The indicator shows the MTF-Momentum indicator data from four timeframes specified in the input parameters.

the default settings:

  • TF1 = 1;
  • TimeFrame2b = true;
  • TF2 = 5;
  • TimeFrame3b = true;
  • TF3 = 15;
  • TimeFrame4b = true;
  • TF4 = 60;
  • InpPeriod = 14;
  • InpappPRICE = 0;

TF1-TF4 values ​​may be in the following ranges:

  • TF1 – from M1 (1) to H4 (240);
  • TF2 – from M5 (5) to D1 (1,440);
  • TF3 – of M15 (15) to W1 (10080);
  • TF4 – of M30 (30) to the MN1 (43200).

All selected timeframes should not be lower than the current chart timeframe.

You can use the data from all four or at least timeframes with the parameters: TimeFrame1b – TimeFrame4b.

MultiTimeFrame Momentum

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Save Europe countdown begins

Save Europe: the countdown begins

warned that the beginning of the reverse
countdown to the moment when the rescue economy
Europe will be too late. themselves
begs medical analogy
resuscitation activities.

– December 19 EU leaders meet
under the new chairmanship. They have
a chance to launch a joint assault on
economic stagnation and high
the unemployment rate, which threaten
Holistic education: voters
They have protested against the very
EU’s existence. However,
signs point to the fact that this
last “storm” may be crowned


Eurozone countries are straining all their forces,
to withdraw from the consequences of their
debt crisis has aggravated
and the results of disagreements with Russia
on the Ukrainian question. inflation
the region is at a level much
below 1%, and the average unemployment rate in the jammed
11.5% (in Spain and Greece, this level
up more than half). even locomotive
European Union – Germany – almost stopped.

US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers
describes a condition in which
Europe runs the risk of slipping, as the long-term
stagnation. This is a long-term,
self-sustaining, a strong decline,
like the one that accompanied
The Great Depression of the 1930s.

themselves. France’s economy – flat line
cardiogram. Italy and all retreated
in the recession zone. In this case, none of these
the two countries do not reduce their deficit
budget and public debt to acceptable EU
levels. This causes tension
relations with Rome and Paris and Brussels

The president
The EU, which is now retiring –
Herman Van Rompuy – last week
He said in his speech: “Without jobs
economic growth and the very idea of ​​a single
Europe is in great danger. ”
Prior to his successor, Donald Pole
Tusk, will face a serious challenge:
First you need to accept the agreement on a new economic course

Mario Draghi: "Work must not only the ECB!"

Save Europe countdown begins

The president
ECB Mario Dragi in August, while
meeting of heads of the world’s regulators
Jackson Hole, outlined the thesis that
It could become the new European course.
He called for greater rigor
the formation of national budgets.
He also recommended a
structural economic reforms,
promoting the growth and shape
large public investments
EU members. Mr. Draghi
quite logically observes that the problems
Eurozone economy should not place
only on the shoulders of the European regulator,
and each country has its part
responsible for general discord.

his speech on Friday, November 21,
he continued to outline the scale
Problems. Draghi painted a pretty
bleak prospects and promised
“As soon as possible” to respond to the
new inflation fall.

Also, many experts believe that
“SuperMario” does a good face on
bad game. The opposition within the board
The ECB, led by the Bundesbank leader
Jens Weidmann, prevents Draghi go
for bolder measures: thus, for example,
the introduction of QE (buying
government bonds).

than most Draghi needs now
– so it is in a high-profile agreements on
summit. They must be, first, on the
the question of investment, and secondly –
about coordinated economic
reforms and significant financial demands.
This will give him the political foundation at
feet, after which he will be able to move
to the beginning of the program of quantitative
liberation “, – he said in an interview
one agency Reuter
senior EU officials. – “But
there is a great risk that the summit
EU leaders to anything not come, and the situation
It will be even worse. ”

restrictions divergent basic
economic situation and the mutual
mistrust – all these factors have a huge
likely to make the summit results
disappointing. France and Italy –
second and third euro zone economy –
now have a big problem, and,
Example Merkel convinced that
they fail in their economic
reforms. Problems more than enough,
but many hope that the leaders
EU still remember warning
Mario Draghi in his speech in Jackson Hole:
“No financial arrangements,
no amount of money can not be a compensation
necessary structural reforms
the euro area. ”

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