PZ Trade Manager Pro MT5

PZ Trade Manager Pro MT5

item management is time-consuming? adviser Trade Manager Pro It can do this for you, avoiding the errors inherent in the trader, and improving the quality of your trade. Advisor improves the efficiency of your trade ten times!

  • Capital preservation is the highest priority
  • It allows profits to grow without your participation
  • It allows you to make a risk-free deal
  • Automatic stop-level movement following the price
  • The initial value of the stop-loss and take-profit is also installed automatically

Advisor produces the following steps after you open an item:

  1. The initial stop-loss is set automatically (Optional)
  2. The initial take profit is set automatically (Optional)
  3. Additional gains fixed as soon as possible by closing the trade 50% (Optional)
  4. Moves to stop loss at the first time bezubytka (Optional)
  5. Move the stop level using your chosen method, prior to his trip (Optional)

Other interesting features:

  • informational content (Just look at the terminal to find out what actions produced Advisor)
  • Trailing Stop colored leaves “footprints” on the screen.
  • Customizable risk reward ratio in the case of partial closure and achieve bezubytka level.
  • Select from five different methods of working with a trailing stop!

Supported methods of working with a trailing stop

  • Channel Donchian (Donchian Channel)
  • Average True Range
  • Parabolic SAR
  • moving averages
  • points

Try out the free version!

Since the adviser does not trade in its own and its behavior can be assessed only by opening the position, I also put a free version. 

It is completely suitable for the job, is not limited by timeframes, but has fewer features.

  • Ratio of profit to risk in case of partial closure and achievement level bezubytka is 1: 1
  • Partial closing always occurs at 50% of the lot size
  • Trailing stop does not leave “footprints” on the screen
  • Only one method of working with a trailing stop (point)

Why position management plays an important role in the trade?

Take two professional traders and plant them for a terminal in a random day of the week. One we’ll give the job to buy EUR / USD, and the other – to sell the same pair. Most probably both of our traders will go from the position at a profit, or at least with minimal loss due to the partial closure of their positions at the right time.

Now we take two inexperienced traders and give them the same task. Most likely, both closed with a loss. Why? What’s so special professionals know they do not know to begin? And how can you replicate their success?

The answer lies in the correct exit from the position. The idea that the way out of position is always more important than the entrance, is fairly well known, but it seems, does not have much popularity among retail traders. Ask for an inexperienced trader, why he took a position, and you’ll hear something like: “The euro area is going through hard times, so I decided to sell” or “The Australian dollar has just touched the support line, so I went into the purchase.”

Newcomers are always looking for suitable entry point, often focusing on the “unmistakable signals to buy / sell”, while the disciplined and professional traders are constantly looking for suitable exit point and never forget the preservation of capital.

Beginners usually start to worry about the correct closing position only after open it. This leads to the formation of harmful traders for trading habits. Traders begin to manage emotions such as fear and greed. As a result, the trader holds open losing positions in the hope of turning and closing profitable, already afraid of losing profits. That is, he does exactly the opposite of what needs to do really!

Each transaction must comply with the following provisions:

  1. Capital preservation is the highest priority
  2. Cuts off the loss quickly
  3. Let profits run

important details

  • Stop-loss moves following the price only when necessary to keep the profits (Leaving the transaction is enough time to develop)
  • Stop-loss is moved only once in a bar, not at every tick.
  • The need for partial closing evaluated on each tick.


Arturo Lopez Perez, a private investor, speculator, programmer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.
PZ Trade Manager Pro MT5


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