MACD Turbo with Push and Email Alerts

MACD Turbo with Push and Email Alerts

MACD indicator Turbo is a customizable MACD histogram, push-notifications, pop-up alerts, and alerts, sent by e-mail. You can set the MACD calculation parameters and manage alerts system. Alerts are triggered when MACD line crossing the zero level, and at the intersection of the signal line and MACD line. You can also choose whether to be a complete intersection (Printed) or you just touch lines (Touch). Touching may not become a complete intersection after the formation of the spark current / period.


  • Use Alert Pro Speech Synthesis: use the Alerts Pro system – a module of synthetic notifications, which generates the synthesized voice announcements (available separately)
  • Display the Histogram: If true, it displays a histogram – a delta between the MACD and signal lines. Useful for detecting trend changes
  • Histogram Colour: choose a color histogram
  • Histogram Width: choose the width of the histogram – options: ‘Normal’ (the norm), ‘Thick’ (wide), ‘Thicker’ (wider) and ‘Thickest’ (widest)
  • Signal Line Colour: choose the color of the signal line
  • Signal Line Width: choose the width of the signal line – options: ‘Normal’ (the norm), ‘Thick’ (wide), ‘Thicker’ (wider) and ‘Thickest’ (widest)
  • Signal Line Style: set the style of the signal line, using the default options MT4
  • MACD Line Colour: set the color of lines MACD
  • MACD Line Width: choose the width MACD line – options: ‘Normal’ (the norm), ‘Thick’ (wide), ‘Thicker’ (wider) and ‘Thickest’ (widest)
  • MACD Line Style: set the MACD line style using the default MT4 options
  • Period For Fast EMA: during the fast EMA (default 12)
  • Period For Slow EMA: during the slow EMA (default 26)
  • Period For Signal SMA: Signal period EMA (default 9)
  • Alerts System Enabled: If true, the system is activated alerts
  • Use Pop-Up Alerts: with pop true alerts are activated using standard alerts function in MT4
  • Use Email Alerts: If true, alerts are sent via email to the address registered in the email settings MT4 ( “Service” / “Settings” / tab “Mail”)
  • Use Push Alerts: If true, the mobile device sent push-notification
  • Zero Line Crossover Alerts: if true, the system generates an alert when crossing line MACD zero line on the graph MACD
  • Alert Interval in minutes: minimum interval between alerts
  • Maximum number of alerts allowed before reset: limit the maximum number of alerts for a predetermined interval,
  • Alert only on Physical / Printed Crossover: If true, the alert is triggered only if the actual intersection. When false alerts triggered and the touch.
  • Suppress Alert Counter Reset Alerts: if true system notifies the reset counter alerts when new candle / time graph.

MACD Turbo with Push and Email Alerts

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