Formula saving deposit in crisis situations

Formula saving deposit in crisis situations

I think there are a lot of gambling people who try their trading.

I once lost at roulette so much money, how much cost kopeck piece in the metro station Student. And most of all in my trading, I was suffering from non-compliance with money management rules, and because of the desire to make maximum use of the entire deposit.

Firstly, it leads to the use of my arm at all accounts 1: 500.

Secondly, it leads to the fact that the level of the free margin is minimal, and the ratio of available funds margin almost always becomes less than 200%, and sometimes even approaching 100%.

More than a dozen times in the two years that I’m trying to make a profit, I merged the deposit in full (though the amount of funds I have never made more than $ 800), which is of course a pity.

Some time ago I thought for a solution to this problem.

That said, I decided to create a robot savior deposit. And not so long ago my attempts were unsuccessful.

Maybe someone also have options out of desperate situations, which he often uses, for example, in such extreme price movements, which are shown in the figure, anticipating this article.

I’m thinking about selling my savior created by robot, so the technology will not reveal until the end.

Let me just say, but I think that most of it will be clear and without my explanation, that the first stage is simply applied Blocking.

For beginners I explain what I mean by this.

If you say you should order up unprofitable, and a loss on it is so significant that it can completely demolish the remains of the deposit, and to close the order at a loss you will certainly not like you do not want, you just need to put a counter-order with the same size of the lot.

Most of the dealing centers, in my opinion, let you do this without changing the overall margin. (At least my DTS provides this feature).

Under Blocking and understood by the installation of the same order of magnitude of a counter.

Whatever happens after that with the prices, no matter where they do not move, your loss will be fixed and will no longer increase, at least until the time comes to issuing swaps overnight or over the weekend. But swaps are relatively small and not catastrophic.

So we have a situation where such costs up 1.5 lots, down worth 1.5 lots, and the free margin remained little more than 40 – 60 dollars.

As someone who comes when suddenly there is this situation?

I will publish your hints in exactly one month.

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