Divergence DeMarker or any custom

Divergence DeMarker or any custom

Displays divergence for any user of the indicator. It is enough to specify the name of the indicator, the default DeMarker.

Additionally, you can set the smoothing of the selected indicator readings and levels, at the intersection where you can be notified. Custom indicator must be compiled (with the extension EX5 file) and be in the directory MQL5 / Indicators client terminal or nested subdirectories. Used zero buffer preset indicator with default parameters.

Input parameters

  • Indicator name – name of the indicator, which will be calculated for the divergence, the default DeMarker;
  • Period DeMarkeraveraging period DeMarker, default 7;
  • Applied price – the price used by default Close price;
  • Smoothing method – smoothing method by default Simple;
  • Smooth – smoothing period, the default 4;
  • Level1 – level indicator, the default 0.3;
  • Level2 – level indicator, the default 0.7;
  • Bar for divergence calculated – bar number to calculate the divergence, the default second;
  • Calculated bar – the number of bars to display divergence default 300;
  • Filter by volume – filter by volume, by default false. When enabled, if the amount is less than the average for the previous 100 bar, the divergence signals are not supplied. A choice of three modes: False, True, Auto. In Auto mode, the filter is automatically turned on the M30 timeframe and under, off timeframe older M30;
  • Display divergence alert – inclusion of divergence warning, default true;
  • Arrows displacement – offset for the display of arrows, default 0.0001;
  • Display cross level alert – Enable notifications for the intersection of the given indicator levels, default true;
  • Draw indicator trend lines – device to display trend indicator lines at divergence default true;
  • Draw price trend lines – the phone to display the trend lines on the chart with the divergence, default true;
  • Line bull divergence color – the choice of color of the trend line with the bullish divergence on Green default;
  • Line bear divergence color – the choice of color of the trend line with bearish divergence, the default Red.

Also I recommend indicator: Angle DeMarker – display DeMarker line angle for a more accurate determination of potential points of minimum and maximum.

Divergence DeMarker or any custom

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