Elder MACD Combo

Elder MACD Combo

Histogram MACD monitors the difference between the reference and signal lines MACD (first computed using an exponential moving average). For a better display in the derivation of lines and histograms in one window, the histogram values ​​are multiplied by 2. In addition, the rising and falling of the histogram bars are displayed in different colors.

In the indicator MACD Combo implemented jointly display the MACD line and the MACD histogram. With one parameter, you can change the parameters for calculating both indicators.


  • MACD_Short_Length (12) – Quick EMA MACD period for calculation;
  • MACD_Long_Length (26) – slow EMA for the MACD calculation period;
  • MACD_Smoothing_Length (9) – smoothing period MACD signal line;
  • Time_Ratio (1) – usually equal to 1 when displaying the MACD chart timeframe. On the other hand, if you analyze the daily chart, and want to see the weekly MACD, set this value to 5 for the multiplication of all the parameters to 5;
  • Display_Factor (2) – scale factor.

Elder MACD Combo

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Ding Dong Multi Trader

Ding Dong Multi Trader

Counselor Ding Dong Multi Trader is designed specifically for users who do not want to understand the complicated settings. Advisor does not need to optimize and ready to work.

Employment counselor Ding Dong Multi Trader is based on a trend-following. Upon detection of a trend adviser opens a position. If the market goes in the opposite direction, but the conditions for the trend remain, the adviser continues to open transactions in the same direction.

Advisor calculates and sets the levels TakeProfit and StopLoss for each order on the basis of statistical analysis. Orders are closed or to achieve the level of TakeProfit, or in the case of the opposite trend in the level StopLoss.


  • Fast transaction – the maximum retention time of the transaction does not exceed one week.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supported pair and timeframes: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, EURGBP, NZDUSD, EURAUD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDJPY, USDCAD, AUDCAD, EURCAD and XAUUSD on timeframes M15, M30, H1 and H4.


  • MagicNumber – the magic number of transactions.
  • Slippage – the maximum allowable slippage.
  • SpreadLimit – the maximum allowable spread for trading.
  • Lots – the lot size of the base for opening transactions (note that EA can increase the lot size when trading).
  • Risk – adjustment to the transaction risk.

Ding Dong Multi Trader


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The outlook on the pair USDRUB, as I wrote here, and correction materialize. This is evident from the history of the chart)))

Next, I think that the ruble will reach 55-60 rubles per dollar.

Then come, most likely, any prolonged bearish trend correction)

Russian government needs to say a big thanks to its resources and the ensuing winter, which I predict will be very cold.

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WY Harmonic Searcher I MT4

WY Harmonic Searcher I MT4

Indicator – an assistant. Multicurrency. Multiperiodny. Multiznakovy. Detects harmonics with a variable damping factor “d”. To search uses the method srednemodulnogo deviation medians. It has many customizable options. Simple and easy to use tool. For this product is facilitated WY Pattern Searcher P6 I MT4.

Expert – version

Item display


  • Show Basic Spline – Displays a basic spline
  • Show Help Spline – Spline auxiliary display
  • Show Spline Labels – display the names of the splines (adjusted later)
  • Use Following Spline – including following mode (dorisovki formation as it is formed)
  • Play Warn. Sound On Detect – beeps at regular formations detected
  • Play Warn. Sound On Following – beeps when current formation dorisovki
  • Play Warn. Sound On Following Break – beeps when changing current formation
  • Clean Old Splines – removes any formation with graphics but the last Splines In Memory
  • Splines In Memory – to leave the past in the chart formations
  • Font Size – the size of the text splines
  • Font Y Coordinate Accumulation – shift on the Y coordinate of the text relative to the anchor point
  • Font X Coordinate Accumulation – the shift of the text on the X coordinate with respect to the anchor point

Enable / disable the search of certain types of harmonics:

  • Searching HARMONIC (a) – searching for the continuation of harmonic oscillations in a horizontal line of the last crest
  • Searching HARMONIC (b) – search harmonic oscillations

The parameters of a single type of harmonics with the name “Har Name.”:

  • “Har Name.” Label – name of the formation
  • “Har Name.” Label Color – the color of the text names
  • “Har Name.” Main Spline Color – the color of the main spline
  • “Har Name.” Help Spline Color – the color of the auxiliary spline
  • “Har Name.” Help Dot Color – the color of the auxiliary dashed lines
  • “Har Name.” Help Spline Y – auxiliary spline is spaced upward a specified number of points
  • “Har Name.” Min Points Size – minimum value of Y-axis of the spline in paragraphs
  • “Har Name.” Max Points Size – the maximum value of the spline on the Y axis in points
  • “Har Name.” Min Bougie Size – the minimum value of the spline on the X axis in the candlelight
  • “Har Name.” Max Bougie Size – the maximum value of the spline on the X axis in the candlelight
  • “Har Name.” Decrement Variation – partitioning search interval decrement (2 – without damping)
  • “Har Name.” Relative Lengthening Left – to extend the initial spline on the left side of (1.0 – 2 times the elongation)
  • “Har Name.” Relative Lengthening Right – to extend the initial spline on the right side of (1.0 – 2 times the elongation)
  • “Har Name.” Average Deviation Of Peaks – relative deviation of the average peak (High and Low)
  • “Har Name.” Maximum Deviation Of Peaks – relative maximum deviation of the peaks (High and Low)
  • “Har Name.” Average Deviation Of Medians – relative average deviation medians

WY Harmonic Searcher I MT4


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Ruble rebounded after reaching agreement in Minsk

The ruble rebounded after reaching an agreement in Minsk

The Russian ruble has won back losses and traded in the flat, gaining a foothold above weekly highs after Minsk made a decision to cease fire.

At the moment the USD / RUB is trading slightly higher by 0.32% at 65.35, retreating from fresh daily lows at 64.51 marked on reaching an agreement. The ruble is likely to continue to be supported against the dollar, as the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France managed to conclude an agreement on a cease-fire in the eastern Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the military operations will be discontinued on February 15th. “We have decided on a ceasefire and the agreement reached on key issues,” – said Putin told reporters after hours of negotiations.

Levels of USD / RUB

Resistance is located at 67.61 and 68.42, and support – on 63 and 61.

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Results of press conference Sistema increased

The results of the press conference: Sistema increased by 100%, the dollar fell to 61 rubles

during his annual press conference
Vladimir Putin did not surprise anyone.

about the collapse of the ruble, it was stated that
The central bank and the government are doing everything
right (albeit a little late)
that has all the resources in Russia for
early exit from the crisis and that through
2 years we live very well.
Russia’s economy will grow in parallel
with the global economy, but it is undeniable
that we live in difficult times.

The president
covertly hinted to banks that
they were in no hurry to raise interest until
mortgage (but banks in an attempt to
survive anyway will do it).

Much has been said about the Russian business: according to
President, it will be provided
full support, ranging from
four-year tax holiday and
ending preferential lending.

Sechin was named an effective manager.
Putin said that Sechin will continue
work and achieve good results.

President’s promise is that
everything is adequately and properly, and in
cooperation with new business partners
(Turkey and China, for example) Russia
achieve strengthen its position on the
all directions.

during Putin’s first performances
a little weak, but then rose: Now
USDRUB is about
61 rubles.

System” has soared by 100%: Putin is not only
set free Evtushenkova, but still
and promised to invite him for the annual
meeting with representatives of business.

to balance the situation today
He was arrested in absentia son Murtaza
Rakhimov, who led the “Bashneft”.
It is located in Austria, and the appearance of
in the zone of the Russian legislation
It will be taken into custody.

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Screencast Stepan Demura Sensitivity of world

Screencast: Stepan Demura: Sensitivity of the world economy to oil prices have long remained in the economy textbooks

Another video tutorial we again transfer
“Rynok.onlayn” with Stepan Demura
RBC channel. Together with the counterpart Andrei
Esin, Deputy Director General for Investment
NPF “The first Russian Pension Fund”
he answers questions from the audience.

It’s time
I buy rubles for your dollars as
live in a new “zone”, as well as forecasts
ruble, dollar, oil prices and
gold – all discussed the guests of the program.


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Screencast Maks Kayzer financial crisis was followed

Screencast: Maks Kayzer. The financial crisis was followed by a bank

In the markets of the economic disaster, and it began with the Persian Gulf – all the markets are falling. In the next issue of the transfer "Overview Max Keizer" trying to understand what the future of our economies.

"Fed bubble burst" – the newspaper writes Bloomberg. We are waiting for a new financial crisis? And after him – the bank? And all because of falling world oil prices. But the companies involved in the production of shale oil and gas, thrown into
the market a large amount of bonds to finance their business – this
Fed policy has contributed a lot. And How
Now pay?

Meanwhile in the UK are developing rapidly
IT-technologies, as well as online TV. This tells
Program guest – TV presenter and former banker Brayan Rouz.


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Bezyndikatornaya trading system based on a search for the alleged large levels limit buyers and sellers. For the smooth operation needs VPS-server, the recommended minimum deposit – 1 000 units of base currency. Advisor use on highly currency pairs with a small spread / Commission (e.g., EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF).


  • Pyramiding has customizable features, hedging and netting of orders;
  • Accompanying position may be one of three types: a single closure, unidirectional or multidirectional basket orders;
  • Maximum compatibility between a functionality that allows you to change the initial strategy of opening orders for themselves;
  • It can be used with any trading strategy, manual or automatic (advisors) if set MagicNumber = -1.


  • Designed for real trading on today’s market conditions;
  • Use pending orders and real feet;
  • It does not depend on the type of merchant account or broker;
  • It works with both small and large amounts of deposits;
  • Resistant to the break connection, gepam, slippage and spread widening.

Main settings

  • PriceRange – range of price fluctuations;
  • BarsCount – High number of bars for the search or Low-price bars within the range;
  • HighLowCounts – the number of bars with High or Low-price in a given range;
  • StartWorkingTime, EndWorkingTime – work on time;
  • OpenPositions – orders opening strategy;
    • SingleOpen – a single opening;
    • Grid – Net orders;
    • Pyramiding – pyramiding;
    • Hedging – hedging of the symbol;
  • OppositeDirection – open position signal in the opposite direction;
  • OpposingPositions – allow multi-directional positions;
  • VolumeCalculation – method of calculating the trading lot;
    • Manual – specify the initial auction itself;
    • Balance – calculation of the balance of trade of the lot;
    • Equity – on equity;
    • FreeMargin – from the free margin;
  • InitialVolume – initial item or% depending on the selected method;
  • VolumeBehavior – the behavior of the lot;
    • SameVolume – the same lot;
    • IncreaseVolume – increase lot;
    • DecreasesVolume – reduction lot;
  • OrderOpenStep – the initial step of opening orders;
  • OrderStepBehavior – behavior warrants the opening step;
    • SameLevel – similar levels;
    • IncreaseLevel – step increase;
    • DecreasesLevel – step decrease;
  • ClosingPositions – strategy of closing orders;
    • SingleClosing – single closing;
    • UnidirectionalClosing – closing unidirectional basket orders;
    • MultidirectionalClosing – multidirectional closing of the basket of orders;
  • TakeProfit – takeprofit, -1 when not in use;
  • StopLoss – stop loss at -1 is not used;
  • Breakeven – breakeven positions at -1 is not used;
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop -1 when not in use;
  • MagicNumber – magic number at -1 Advisor will work with absolutely all orders;
  • OrdersComment – comment to the transactions;
  • Visualization – display the information on the chart.


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Dollar sharply lower on Wednesday

Dollar sharply lower on Wednesday,

By 17:00 Moscow time on Wednesday the USD index is at 96.50 points, decreasing by 0.5% largely due to events relating to the attack on Congressman Steve Skaliza in Virginia. The media of the latest posts, it became known that the shooter, wounding Congressman rifle, already arrested, and the congressman will have an operation on his hip.

Currency pair EUR / USD has strengthened by 0.5% to a value of 1.1272 points. May CPI Germany remained unchanged at 0.2% and April industrial production in the Euro zone rose by 0.3%.

In Japan, industrial production remained unchanged at 4% in April. USD / JPY has declined 0.7% to 109.30 points.

The average wage UK decreased from 2.3% to 2.1% with expectations of 2.4% in April. In May, the number of applications for the grant of unemployment was 7,3tys. with expectations of 20.3 thousand. GBP / USD pair is trading at 1.2728 points with an increase of 0.2%.

News background in Canada and Switzerland today unsaturated. Currency pair USD / CHF and USD / CAD decreased by 0.2% and 0.3% respectively.

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