ZigZag Wave Medvedev Double

ZigZag Wave Medvedev Double

Zigzag which is not redrawn, requires no configuration and reflects the real picture of the market, allows you to watch not only important for trade moments of change of mood of buyers and sellers, but also actively involved on the winning side in the battle for their share of profits. Described indicator consists of two zigzags: main (https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/12859) indicates the direction of the transaction, and the second (https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/ 12330) allows in small waves of oscillation patterns to find profitable entry and build positions. This is very conducive to the line direction. It is only one, but a role that she reserved, making it very popular. The line is not in the full sense of the support line or resistance, but when it works, it becomes clear its purpose. She, in a sense, moving over the tops of small zigzag and connect them in series with the top of the main zigzag and, conversely, when the main swing is in the cavity, the line slides along the cavities of small zigzag. This gives a unique opportunity to observe the change of direction. In some cases, this line serves as a median line pitchfork.

In addition, it equipped with a zigzag support and resistance levels, allowing you to quickly respond to changing formations. What it provides signals the emergence of new levels, as well as their breakdown. Furthermore it is possible to adjust the degree of sensitivity of the indicator on the support and resistance levels by selecting options for their formation. By default, the first option, it reflects the low sensitivity. To increase it enough to change the version number from 1 to any other.


  • MinBars – calculates the number of bars. By default – 1 000 0 – all bars.
  • InpColor – color line direction of movement;
  • InpStyle – display style;
  • InpWidth – thickness.
  • display_option_res_sup – the option to generate support and resistance levels. Default-1. Any other figure, a variant;
  • arrow – display of levels right price tag. Default – enabled;
  • set_Alert_new_res_sup – new switch setting signal levels of support or resistance. Default – enabled;
  • set_Alert_breakdown_res_sup – inclusion breakdown signal levels of support or resistance. Default – enabled;
  • number_bar_breakdown – bar number on which we celebrate the breakdown of its closing prices. By default – 1.

I appreciate your constructive suggestions and feedback.

ZigZag Wave Medvedev Double

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