Trend Support Resistance Tool

Trend Support Resistance Tool

Smart Trend Line Alert – is a professional indicator of trend lines and lines of support / resistance to the alert function. It is also possible to preserve the history of alerts designed to help traders in the management of a large number of plots and characters without the need to constantly monitor the monitor.


  • Alerts about the breakdown of a candle, touch price and a time line;
  • The transformation of any line in the alarm line with a single click (trend line and horizontal or trend line on the corner);
  • History allows alerts to re-open closed or graphics to redraw deleted alerts for instant analysis;
  • Differentiation between lines of different timeframes by hidden lines in senior junior timeframes timeframes to avoid confusion in multiple timeframes different lines on the same graph;
  • Automatic switching timeframe pressing the line on younger timeframe;
  • Alerts with the time expiration, if they do not work.
  • Automatic conversion of the trend lines in the small angle of aligned support and resistance lines.
  • Automatic change of the support line at the resistance line, and vice versa;
  • Automatic color, name and line width;
  • The flashing lines by clicking on it click (user continues to click off the graph);
  • Automatic display of graphics on top of all other windows by clicking on the line;
  • Continuous audio notification (to disable the user);
  • The single sound from the alert popup window information;
  • The notification to the mobile device;
  • Notification email;
  • Management Console on the chart;
  • Automatically hide the control panel;
  • schedules call button – the same name character graphics are displayed on top of the other (for graphs arranged mosaic).


  1. Set the indicator on the chart;
  2. Management Console will appear on the chart; if it does not appear, move the mouse to the upper left of the graph;
  3. With the MetaTrader tool “Trendline”, or “horizontal line” draw the line at the appropriate price level;
  4. Select the line, and then select the type of alarm from the menu (warning of breakdown or touch).

What happens if the price touches or breaks through the support / resistance lines

  1. LED puts the corresponding graph on top of all charts;
  2. Current timeframe will be switched to the timeframe, which is drawn on the graph line;
  3. Line flashes;
  4. The indicator begins to continuously supply the voice notification or an alert popup;
  5. The indicator will send a one-time notification to the mobile device and email;
  6. The line will continue to flash and attract attention as long as the user clicks on the link button.


  • Notification of breakdown will only work if the candle of the same timeframe in which the line alarm is activated, closes above or below the line.
  • Example: description of warning line (Daily Support Break Out Alert). Thus, if the daily candle closed below the line, you’ll get an alert.

Link to Product Video: (in English).


  • Resistance Color – the color of the level of resistance
  • Support Color – the color of the level of support
  • Time Line Alert Color – the color of the timeline for submission of the alert
  • Blinking Alert Line Color – the color of the flashing line the alert
  • Change Color After Alert Muted to – the color that is set for the alert after his trip
  • Price Deviation to Alert (Pips)): the price deviation in pips from the alert line for triggering the alert
  • Alert Line style – the style of the alert line
  • Alert Line width – thickness of the alert line
  • Auto Support Resistance Reversal: Automatically change the support line at the resistance line after the break
  • Hide Alert Lines on Higher Time frame – hide alerts lines on higher timeframes.
  • Auto Level Low Angle Trend Lines: align the trend lines for small corners or not
  • Max Angle to Level Trend Lines (Degrees): If the angle of the trend line is less than the value of this parameter, the line will be automatically aligned
  • Auto Switch Time Frame: Automatic switchover timeframe, if an alert triggered in another timeframe
  • Auto Chart Bring to Top: Automatic display of graphics on top of all other windows when the alert is triggered
  • Clip Same Symbol Charts Together: Showing graphs eponymous character on top of all other windows (the eponymous character should be located mosaic)
  • Continually Sound Alert Speed ​​(Milliseconds): The rate constant audible warning, decrease the value to obtain a more rapid rate
  • Auto Hide Menu: Automatically hides the menu when the lines are not selected
  • Show Menu Only if a Line was Clicked: Disable the display of the menu when you hover the mouse pointer
  • Show Objects Description Always – always display the description of objects
  • Show Object Status while a Line is Selected: Disable display the status button when the selected line
  • Description Font Size: Font size describe the state
  • For developer use only: Reserved for Developer
  • Custom Sound File Name 1: Name a custom audio file 1
  • Custom Sound File Name 2: Name of the custom audio file 2

from Developer

  • The indicator is designed with the possibility of all the settings according to your requirements. You can enable or disable any of the functions;
  • Unfortunately, the light can not be tested in the Strategy Tester, because it uses the terminal MetaTrader tools and switching timeframes. Available demo version that works on EURCHF:
  • For more information, see screenshots;
  • We are interested to know the opinion of the users of our products to improve future versions. Write to us.

Trend Support Resistance Tool


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