Stochastic Binary Option Indicator

Stochastic Binary Option Indicator

  • The indicator works with binary options
  • It uses stochastic strategy to indicate the expected trend
  • Transactions must be opened in accordance with the indicator prognosis
  • It uses symbols to indicate the predicted values


  1. Up arrow predicts growth, it is advisable to enter a long trade
  2. Arrow to down predicts a fall, it is recommended to enter a short trade
  3. green smiley It indicates a profitable situation
  4. red smiley It indicates a loss-making situation

Input parameters

  1. Expiration Minute – minute expiration.
  2. Stoch_PeriodK – value Stoch_PeriodK.
  3. Stoch_PeriodD – value Stoch_PeriodD.
  4. Stoch_Slowing – value Stoch_Slowing.
  5. Stoch_UpperLevel – top level.
  6. Stoch_LowerLevel – Lower level.
  7. price Field – Close / Close or Low / High.
  8. Stoch_Ma_method – stochastic moving average: Simple (simple), Exponential (exponential), Smoothed (smoothed), Linear Weighted (-weighted linearly)

Stochastic Binary Option Indicator

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