Smart 6M

Smart 6M

Smart 6M EA trades with the trend, without indicators, according to their calculations. Mainly used scalping.

In the settings you can change the initial lot, the ratio of trade aggression, stoploss, DeltaTP and software stoploss. Everything else is automatically calculated.

The lot size shall not exceed 0.01 cents per 1,000 deposit on a cent account and, accordingly, 0.01 to $ 1,000 dollar bill.


  • Lot0 – the initial lot.
  • AggresKoef – rate trading aggression. The higher the ratio, the higher the profit, but the greater the risk.
  • SL0 – Stop-loss program. Number of points loss order in which the robot closes the deal.
  • DeltaTP – Stop-loss is the difference between software and software teykprofitom. Program teykprofit calculated as SL0 + DeltaTP. DeltaTP may be negative.
  • StopLoss – stoploss.

Smart 6M

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