MTFCandle – this multiple timeframe indicator showing the candle higher timeframes on the current chart. For some policies require testing of candles larger timeframe and the indicator simplifies this task for the trader.

MTFCandle It has the following advantages:

  • Displays the top candle on the current chart.
  • It displays the last candle in a different color specified in the parameters.
  • You can use multiple copies of the indicator on the chart to display candles with multiple timeframes.
  • You can move the candles along the axes x and y.


  • Which timeframe?Select timeframe, candles you want to display on the current timeframe.
  • How many Candle?: If you set this parameter number, the indicator will show only some candles timeframe selected in the previous parameter.
  • Y axis in pip : Shift candles Y axis (in pixel units).
  • X axis in pip: Shifting the candles on the X axis (in pixels unit).
  • Border lines width : The thickness of the lines.
  • Bear candle color Select a color for the body of bearish candles.
  • Bear candle line color: Select the outline color for the bearish candles.
  • Bull candle color: Select a body color for bullish candle.
  • Bull candle line colorSelect outline color for bullish candle.
  • Show Last candle color differ? If you want the last candle had a different color, set to true and set the options below, otherwise set to false, set the parameters below is not necessary.
  • Last Bear candle color: Select the color of the body for the last bearish candle.
  • Last Bear candle line colorSelect the outline color for the last bearish candle.
  • Last Bull candle colorSelect a color for the body of the last bullish candle.
  • Last Bull candle line colorSelect the outline color for the last bullish candle.


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