MFC Expert

MFC Expert

MFC EA – adapting adviser, capable to adapt to the current market situation. The basis of the author’s advisor founded strategy.

It is known that the price moves in waves and in a certain range. Even a strong and stable trend has wave retracement and correction. If undulation prices – given, so why not use it? Advisor determines the current wave forms on the basis of which a certain price channels with spreading factor. When you exit price of the generated range, adviser opens a deal.

For each currency pair in the MFC EA there chotnaya or odd wave. The advantage of this method is to determine the optimum parameters of EA. Minimum configuration and ease of use will allow even the novice trader to trade using MFC EA adviser.

Inbox settings

  • Trailing Start – Start tracking position.
  • Trailing Step – Step away or to be transferred to the Stop Loss of the current price.
  • Take Profit Profit level is specified in points.
  • Stop Loss – Level stop order is specified in the claims.
  • Lot – Lot Size (Only works if the field should RISK %% 0).
  • Risk %% – percentage of the current deposit per transaction (if 0 is used Lot said trader).
  • Momentum Period – the period of calculation of market forces.
  • Fractal Period – the number of bars to determine wave.
  • History Bars – the number of bars in history.
  • Minimum bars channel – The minimum length of the channel.
  • Coefficient channel – price channel coefficient.
  • Alert – a notice in case of opening of the transaction (True – show, False – hide)
  • Opposite Signal – When the appearance of the opposite positions of the signal transfer without loss or closure of its current income. (True – enable, False – off)

Monitoring of the adviser.

configuration files to optimize.


Do not you want to use a genetic algorithm. Optimize adviser for each currency pair at a time interval of 2 weeks, using a special setting for odd and even currency pairs. The results obtained are valid trading 1 week and then again perform optimization. You can install Advisor on schedule 4H with the same settings as for the 1H. Advisor can work simultaneously on different periods of the trading instrument. You can also trade manually. If you change the order open advisor, he will find it strange and function Trailing Stop to this order shall not apply. To use the Expert Advisor VPS server. It is not recommended to use the Advisor vapor with a very large spread. How to use MFC EA adviser to see in the video.

Use the following currency pairs: AUDUSD (an even), EURUSD (odd), EURJPY (odd), AUDJPY (odd), CADJPY (odd), GBPUSD (odd), NZDUSD (an even), USDCAD (an even).

Periods for trading: 4H, 1H. optimization period: 1H.

MFC Expert


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