Investors warn carefully oil will soon fall in

Investors warn: carefully, the oil will soon fall in price again!

continue to believe that the decline
US production broke the
multimonthly oil path down. But how
time analysts warned at the time,
that it is too early to rejoice. This indirectly
confirmed by the fact that, having reached
Today the peak of 57.05 dollars, Brent again
I began to decline. At the time of 15.56 MSK
March futures worth 56.27 dollars.
WTI is trading at around
$ 50.89.

Gareth Lewis-Davies,
an analyst at BNP Paribas, says,
that encourage American investors
to reduce the number of employees data
rig on US
shales. But at the same time, he drew
inquisitive investor attention to the fact that
between conservation rigs
and decreased production of passes in the middle
up to nine months, and it is not the oil rally
It has deep fundamental reasons.
There is still a situation where
global supply still exceeds
demand and crude oil inventories continue
accumulate and will continue to grow
for some time.

“People are trying to
catch a falling knife “, – says Mr.
Lewis-Davies. – “Investors are trying to
buy on the slide, afraid to miss

The same point
view shared by analysts of RBC
Capital Markets. In their opinion,
prices could fall steadily
Only in the second quarter, if it becomes
clearly understood that formed stable
slowdown in oil supplies from countries outside
OPEC. After all, she flatly OPEC
refuses to reduce its production
and tries to squeeze competitors’ market.

RBS is also not experiencing
no illusions, and lowered its forecast
Brent cost up to $ 57
per barrel (from $ 71). WTI is rewarded
reducing to $ 53 (from $ 65).

Now the market
waiting for the inventory data on oil stocks
in America. some investors
suggest that the second row
weekly increase in US inventories
adjust the sharp rise in the last

We can not fail to take into account the fact
that inventories of oil have not
only in the US but also in other countries. Part
It is preserved in marine tankers
part – in storage. Societe
Generale estimates that global
build oil reserves in 2008-2009
It was 210 million barrels, and in 2014
It increased to 265 million barrels.

However, investors
take into consideration the reduction of costs and
falling profits in the largest oil
companies – and this is a factor which
ultimately should lead to a reduction in
oil level.

BP Plc today
It became the first of the largest oil
companies in the world, which reported a
loss for the IV quarter and
It said it plans to reduce
investment in exploration and
postpone a number of projects.

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