History orders Visual Demo

History orders Visual Demo

This demo version displays data only 10 orders on the story.

The paid version can be found here:


Useful and interesting little script for trading in Forex.

Used to display the history of orders and trading history of one character.

Double-clicking on it immediately play back the whole history of orders for current symbol graphics.

graphic elements

Space opening and closing orders are shown by arrows.

When the mouse pointer on the displayed transaction flag properties comprising:

Symbol order, ticket, order type, the order position (time and price at opening and closing), the volume of transactions.

Mark lines stop-loss orders to

When you hover the mouse pointer over the mark will display the price of a stop loss.

The line between the points of the opening and closing orders.

A simple click on the graph to visualize complex records
history of orders. This simplifies the review, analysis and synthesis of historical

This script is a switch. When restarting it
immediately remove all your own graphics (but will not remove other
objects on the chart).

The script can be used on any forex charts currency (except
binary options); at any time, you can open and close the
monitor the history of your trade.

The script does not require any external parameters. Click on the script,
after which it will be immediately executed; confirmation dialog box appears
will not be.

History orders Visual Demo

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