Expert GSensor – self-contained automated trading system to the conversion goals and risk, depending on the market volatility and drawdown.

Distinctive features of the robot are:

  • Full automation of the sales process, you only need to configure the initial settings.
  • trading style: momentum swing, trading in a range, averaging.
  • The ability to modify the risk of trade, affecting the profitability of the trade
  • Capital Insurance trader at work and the possibility of returning no results for losing trades.
  • Automatic calculation trading lot size depending on the size of the available resources and the current drawdown (with trade fixed lot).
  • Automatic calculation (recalculation) purposes, depending on the volatility of the market (can be switched off)
  • Automatic calculation of the aggregate position.
  • Automatic calculation trailing stop level (with the possibility of disconnection)
  • Use levels Fibonacci indicators: MA, MACD, Stochastic, ATR, and others. 
  • Several options for exit from the market:

  1.      Closing orders when it reaches the take profit.
  2.      Closing Orders by trailing stop.
  3.      Close orders at a turn in overbought, oversold.

  • Control and protection from the expansion of the spread 
  • Working timeframe M5 

Description of the main expert settings:

  • OpenCloseTrades – EA can be used
    the installation stops and profits mode,
    committing trader manual trading. In this case, the opening and closing of positions only produces
    trader. stops and profits levels are calculated from the values
    Lots and TakeProfit, so that the total profit is equal to the profit one position Lots volume to the size of the profit TakeProfit points. It should be borne in mind that swaps can make a significant error in the result. To enable manual trading mode parameter must be false. They will be “picked up” by the current transaction currency pair.
  • FixedLots – A fixed volume of transactions
  • RiskPercent – level of risk
  • TakeProfit – target level
  • StopLoss – Start-Stop Loss (limit losses when the market reversal)
  • DecreaseFactor – Modifier reduce the volume of transaction after loss
  • IncreaseFactor – The factor of increasing the volume of transaction after loss
  • MaxOrders – Maximum open orders
  • TrailingStop – TreylingStop
  • MaxSpread – The maximum allowable spread for the opening orders
  • Slippage – The maximum allowable slippage
  • MarketWatch – Opening orders for ECN type accounts
  • UseChangeStops – Using a modification of the stop levels and profit
  • FollowPlusSwap – Trade swap in the positive (if any)
  • CloseReverseMode – order closing mode
  • CorrectCloseAll – Correct the gradual closure of all orders 
  • ControlDrawDown – Control and limitation of drawdown
  • PercentDrawDown – Level drawdown to connect trade restrictions
  • FrequencyTrades – The frequency of opening deals
  • AutoChangeTakeProfit – AUTO CHANGEOVER TakeProfit level
  • AutoChangeRiskPercent – AUTO CHANGEOVER level of trade risk
  • AutoChangeTrailingStop – AUTO CHANGEOVER level trailing stop (WarningDividerTS, FineDividerTS, AbsentDividerTS – divisors trailing stop levels depending on the drawdown and volatility)
  • AutoTrailingStopFactor – AUTO CHANGEOVER factor trailing stop level
  • AutoMaxOrders – Automatic change in the number of orders
  • FullAuto – Full Auto Mode  
  • SelectTrendDetector – Selection a method for determining the trend
  • UseTradingHours – Use the time to trade
  • ControlLastActivity – Monitoring activity on the account (temporary elimination of the causes of the lack of activity of the expert for the resumption of activity [useful when using the VPS with the activity requirement for a certain period])


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