Forecast from company ForexMart

The forecast from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for June 16

Trading instrument Bitcoin / USD continued its correction and fell to 2250. Bitcoin closed the gap (GAP) on June 5, and moves towards the level of 2100 located in the 38.2 Fibonacci.

All major cryptocurrency significantly lost value after reports Bitmain SegWit2x its intention to launch an alternative protocol.

On H4 Bitcoin reached the target 2400, and SMA could be fixed below the line (100), waiting for completion of correction and generate signals to shopping.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast EUR / USD June 16

EUR in today’s trading is prone to decrease. Dollar feels confident after yesterday’s Fed meeting, where it became clear that the controller is set more strongly than expected by market participants, but at the same time, he keeps his cool. Tomorrow, we expect a corrective movement in the region of 1.11 to 1.10 aim.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast USD / RUB on June 16

Brent crude quotes updated 7-month low, and now at $ 46.71 per barrel. The ruble cost of a barrel of oil is also localized near the lows of a few months less than 2700 rubles. The collapse of oil adversely affects the ruble against USD. Quotes pair rose to the level of 57.60 rubles. However, the support of the Russian currency will get from the next tax period.

Market participants’ attention will be drawn tomorrow at a meeting of the Bank of Russia. If the regulator decides to lower the rate to 0.5%, it could trigger the growth of the pair to 58-59 rubles. When a soft decision to reduce the rate of only 0.25% quotations pair can return to 56.50 rubles field. Thus, the forecast for tomorrow suggests the probability of two opposite scenarios. Follow the news of the Central Bank.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast USD / CAD June 16

USD / CAD pair came close to the level of 1.3300 resistance and demonstrates the development of a rapid fall after correction. The overall trend for the pair remains downward. RSI indicator located on the graph H1 overbought, and this characteristic signal towards further reduction pair. When a new wave of the strengthening of the Canadian dollar should expect the loonie to increase the support level of 1.3221.

Tomorrow the attention of traders will be focused on statistics for May by the index of retail sales in Canada. The last report reflected the growth rate and create a positive reaction in the Forex market. If tomorrow will be better than expected data, the Canadian dollar will resume its growth. The forecast for tomorrow suggests attempts to pair back inside the descending channel.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast NZD / USD June 16

The currency pair New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar after reaching the target at 0.7300 fell to the level of 0.7200, apparently uptrend found the top, there is a possibility of reversal.

After the “hawkish” statements by the US Federal Reserve the US dollar recovered against major currencies.

On H4 kiwi moves in a strong downward trend and trying to consolidate below SMA line (50) at the level of 0.7200, the immediate goal is to bear at 0.7150.
Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast GBP / USD on June 16

Thursday pound showed growth rebounding from 1.2690 level. Now the pair is consolidating near Pivot level. Today a meeting of the Bank of England at the end of which it was decided to keep the rate at its current level. However, the regulator has appeared closer than ever to raise interest rates: three of the eight officials voted for a rate hike. The forecast for tomorrow suggests price decline to the level of 1.27.Forecast from company ForexMart

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