Another floating currency will be hryvnia National

Another floating currency will be the hryvnia – the National Bank of Ukraine raises

National Bank
Ukraine 6 February raises key
the discount rate by 5.5 percentage points and actually
let the hryvnia in the “free floating”
t. To. The stop control
currency rate fixing. Ukrainian
regulator went to these measures on the recommendation of
The International Monetary Fund.

The key rate in the country
It amounts to 19.5% from Friday (today – 14%), according to the
a statement of the National Bank of Ukraine. regulator
also cancels the daily exchange
auctions. According to the head of the National Bank
Valeriy Gontareva regulator
retain some administrative
measures, including mandatory sale
foreign exporters and revenue
restrictions on individual currency purchases.

The foreign exchange market is still
It is in “panic”
– Gontareva told reporters today.
International reserves of Ukraine today
at the lowest level in 11 years. In past
year, the hryvnia exchange rate has shown the maximum
decline against the dollar – the national currency
fell by 48%, Bloomberg reported.

Now in Kyiv works
IMF mission. government of Ukraine
hopes for financial assistance plus
the $ 17 billion, which contributed to the country
in the past year. On Tuesday, the Minister
Finance of Ukraine Natalia Yaresko
He said that the country needed an additional $ 15

At 14:13 MSK on the pair USD / UAH trading at 16.4755.

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