ADX Plus

ADX Plus

A revolutionary new method of early detection of the beginning of the trend with the popular ADX indicator methods. The new system adapts to the market and eliminates the additional conditions and copes with its task.

When using classical ADX indicator for acknowledgment signal necessary to ADX line crossed certain level 20, 22, 26 and so on. D. It is extremely difficult to choose this level not only for different tools but for different periods of the same graph. Unfortunately, this makes a brilliant ADX is practically useless.

The solution was simple, but conceptual. The new indicator we abandon this level at all. To determine the trend calculated by the new line, which is at the intersection of + DI from the bottom up gives a sell signal, and at the intersection of -DI bottom up gives a buy signal. And the reverse crossing gives a signal for the end of a trend.

In the signal line has a sensitivity setting. The higher the value, the higher the filter market noise with high volatility instruments. The lower the value, the more accurate signal. Recommended values ​​- from 5 to 10 (default 6).

As a bonus, the new display has a choice of display information from any standard timeframe.

  • Timeframe of ADX (0 – current) – timeframe from which data is taken for the indicator
  • ADX period – the period of ADX
  • Applied price (close, open, etc.) – type of price, to which the indicator is applied
  • Sensitivity of signal line – signal line sensitivity (optimally 5-10)
  • Averaging method – a method of smoothing the signal line

ADX Plus

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