Old World hopes obedient Greece Indexes rose

Old World hopes obedient Greece. Indexes rose on Tuesday

trading in Europe ended in an amicable
growth of most indices. investors
hope that the Greek
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
be able to agree to mutual advantage
and Greece, and the European Union.

A source
Bloomberg agency
Greek government says that
Greeks are hoping to attract short-term
financing of approximately 10 billion euros.
This will help them avoid credit
the collapse of the country, and to gain time to
discuss new terms of debt repayment.
And another suggestion of Greece – highlight
s 1.9 billion of profits earned
creditors as income from
Greek bonds. Plus, as already
stated yesterday, the Minister of Finance
country, Yanis Varoufakis, today during
meeting with the Eurogroup intends
asking for an increase in bill
limit from the current 15 billion euros to 23 billion.
For this study Greek promises
implement the order of two-thirds of reforms
in a country that had previously been promised

result of all these Greek news
ASE stock index yesterday
He laid on the shoulder of his other colleagues
the Old World, flying 8% immediately (in
mainly due to the banking sector,
some members of which
capitalization increased by 15% and higher).

the pan-European index Stoxx Europe
600, reared per day of 0.6%,
We were leading high-tech companies:
Nokia added 2.5%.

banks behaved differently: so, Raiffaisen
added 7% on news
business reorganization and takes its
units from unfavorable regions
(From Poland and Slovenia, it goes very,
and in Russia and Ukraine greatly reduces
presence). UBS declined
2.8%: A Guide afraid that
profitability negatively
It affects anomalous strengthening franc.

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Smart 6M

Smart 6M

Smart 6M EA trades with the trend, without indicators, according to their calculations. Mainly used scalping.

In the settings you can change the initial lot, the ratio of trade aggression, stoploss, DeltaTP and software stoploss. Everything else is automatically calculated.

The lot size shall not exceed 0.01 cents per 1,000 deposit on a cent account and, accordingly, 0.01 to $ 1,000 dollar bill.


  • Lot0 – the initial lot.
  • AggresKoef – rate trading aggression. The higher the ratio, the higher the profit, but the greater the risk.
  • SL0 – Stop-loss program. Number of points loss order in which the robot closes the deal.
  • DeltaTP – Stop-loss is the difference between software and software teykprofitom. Program teykprofit calculated as SL0 + DeltaTP. DeltaTP may be negative.
  • StopLoss – stoploss.

Smart 6M

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Stochastic Binary Option Indicator

Stochastic Binary Option Indicator

  • The indicator works with binary options
  • It uses stochastic strategy to indicate the expected trend
  • Transactions must be opened in accordance with the indicator prognosis
  • It uses symbols to indicate the predicted values


  1. Up arrow predicts growth, it is advisable to enter a long trade
  2. Arrow to down predicts a fall, it is recommended to enter a short trade
  3. green smiley It indicates a profitable situation
  4. red smiley It indicates a loss-making situation

Input parameters

  1. Expiration Minute – minute expiration.
  2. Stoch_PeriodK – value Stoch_PeriodK.
  3. Stoch_PeriodD – value Stoch_PeriodD.
  4. Stoch_Slowing – value Stoch_Slowing.
  5. Stoch_UpperLevel – top level.
  6. Stoch_LowerLevel – Lower level.
  7. price Field – Close / Close or Low / High.
  8. Stoch_Ma_method – stochastic moving average: Simple (simple), Exponential (exponential), Smoothed (smoothed), Linear Weighted (-weighted linearly)

Stochastic Binary Option Indicator

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Euro falls due to uncertainty in negotiation

Euro falls due to the uncertainty in the negotiation of Greece and the eurozone

On Wednesday
evening the euro has fallen to a seven-year
low against the pound – while still
under the influence of the Greek conflict. TO
16:55 MSK on the EUR / GBP pair has reached a point
0.7396 – the lowest since January 2008. Yesterday
the pair closed at 0.7422.

As reported
foreign media today are waiting for Greece
intensive talks with representatives
The European Union. At the meeting must
decide what to do next – t. To through.
two weeks of the current term expires
on economic aid agreement
Greece from evrokreditorov. A
the new Greek government as
known, it does not intend to renew it
agreement, t. To. wants to decide for itself
their problems. And all this only strengthens
fears that the conflict with the international
creditors will lead to Greece’s exit
from the euro zone.

euro dollar today has fallen dramatically in the afternoon,
approximately at 14:30 MSK – EUR / USD pair reached
to the level of 1.1293. Now, to 17:00 MSK, the pair is trading
at the level of 1.1313. It is only against the euro, yen
grown – with EUR / JPY is trading now
at 135.51, up 0.23%.

At the meeting
today the Greek Finance Minister Yanis
Yanis Varoufakis must submit the Eurogroup
requirements of the completion of the international
financial assistance program and the transition
a new restructuring agreement
debt. He wants to achieve "transitional
agreement"To gain time to
of June and a final design

center of attention, and the Greeks, probably,
will present the plan met with resistance.
So there are bearish for the euro
risk, and after any recovery to $ 1.1360
will sale"- said Jeremy
Stretch from CIBC World Markets.

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Forecast from company ForexMart

The forecast from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for June 16

Trading instrument Bitcoin / USD continued its correction and fell to 2250. Bitcoin closed the gap (GAP) on June 5, and moves towards the level of 2100 located in the 38.2 Fibonacci.

All major cryptocurrency significantly lost value after reports Bitmain SegWit2x its intention to launch an alternative protocol.

On H4 Bitcoin reached the target 2400, and SMA could be fixed below the line (100), waiting for completion of correction and generate signals to shopping.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast EUR / USD June 16

EUR in today’s trading is prone to decrease. Dollar feels confident after yesterday’s Fed meeting, where it became clear that the controller is set more strongly than expected by market participants, but at the same time, he keeps his cool. Tomorrow, we expect a corrective movement in the region of 1.11 to 1.10 aim.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast USD / RUB on June 16

Brent crude quotes updated 7-month low, and now at $ 46.71 per barrel. The ruble cost of a barrel of oil is also localized near the lows of a few months less than 2700 rubles. The collapse of oil adversely affects the ruble against USD. Quotes pair rose to the level of 57.60 rubles. However, the support of the Russian currency will get from the next tax period.

Market participants’ attention will be drawn tomorrow at a meeting of the Bank of Russia. If the regulator decides to lower the rate to 0.5%, it could trigger the growth of the pair to 58-59 rubles. When a soft decision to reduce the rate of only 0.25% quotations pair can return to 56.50 rubles field. Thus, the forecast for tomorrow suggests the probability of two opposite scenarios. Follow the news of the Central Bank.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast USD / CAD June 16

USD / CAD pair came close to the level of 1.3300 resistance and demonstrates the development of a rapid fall after correction. The overall trend for the pair remains downward. RSI indicator located on the graph H1 overbought, and this characteristic signal towards further reduction pair. When a new wave of the strengthening of the Canadian dollar should expect the loonie to increase the support level of 1.3221.

Tomorrow the attention of traders will be focused on statistics for May by the index of retail sales in Canada. The last report reflected the growth rate and create a positive reaction in the Forex market. If tomorrow will be better than expected data, the Canadian dollar will resume its growth. The forecast for tomorrow suggests attempts to pair back inside the descending channel.

Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast NZD / USD June 16

The currency pair New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar after reaching the target at 0.7300 fell to the level of 0.7200, apparently uptrend found the top, there is a possibility of reversal.

After the “hawkish” statements by the US Federal Reserve the US dollar recovered against major currencies.

On H4 kiwi moves in a strong downward trend and trying to consolidate below SMA line (50) at the level of 0.7200, the immediate goal is to bear at 0.7150.
Forecast from company ForexMart

Forecast GBP / USD on June 16

Thursday pound showed growth rebounding from 1.2690 level. Now the pair is consolidating near Pivot level. Today a meeting of the Bank of England at the end of which it was decided to keep the rate at its current level. However, the regulator has appeared closer than ever to raise interest rates: three of the eight officials voted for a rate hike. The forecast for tomorrow suggests price decline to the level of 1.27.Forecast from company ForexMart

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Euro has appreciated strongly after EU promises

The euro has appreciated strongly after the EU promises to help Greece

Agreement with Greece
It was reached at the EU summit in Brussels.
Now the country will be able to
extend assistance from the ECB. About
It is reported by Deutsche Welle.

Prime Minister of Greece
Alexis Tsipras agreed to cooperate
with expert mission creditors and
It promises that they figure out how to pay
part of the debt. “We have not yet overcome
all the way, but it is an important step, “- he said

initiator compromise
– German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she said,
that if Greece wants to continue
aid program, it should rather
submit the appropriate application. It should be reminded,
the amount of debt in Greece is over
320 billion euros – about 174% of GDP

On the back of this news to
12:16 MSK on the EUR / USD pair is trading
at 1.1432 (0.25% increase). This morning at 8:55 am MSK pair reached the 1.1440 mark – according investing.com.

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MFC Expert

MFC Expert

MFC EA – adapting adviser, capable to adapt to the current market situation. The basis of the author’s advisor founded strategy.

It is known that the price moves in waves and in a certain range. Even a strong and stable trend has wave retracement and correction. If undulation prices – given, so why not use it? Advisor determines the current wave forms on the basis of which a certain price channels with spreading factor. When you exit price of the generated range, adviser opens a deal.

For each currency pair in the MFC EA there chotnaya or odd wave. The advantage of this method is to determine the optimum parameters of EA. Minimum configuration and ease of use will allow even the novice trader to trade using MFC EA adviser.

Inbox settings

  • Trailing Start – Start tracking position.
  • Trailing Step – Step away or to be transferred to the Stop Loss of the current price.
  • Take Profit Profit level is specified in points.
  • Stop Loss – Level stop order is specified in the claims.
  • Lot – Lot Size (Only works if the field should RISK %% 0).
  • Risk %% – percentage of the current deposit per transaction (if 0 is used Lot said trader).
  • Momentum Period – the period of calculation of market forces.
  • Fractal Period – the number of bars to determine wave.
  • History Bars – the number of bars in history.
  • Minimum bars channel – The minimum length of the channel.
  • Coefficient channel – price channel coefficient.
  • Alert – a notice in case of opening of the transaction (True – show, False – hide)
  • Opposite Signal – When the appearance of the opposite positions of the signal transfer without loss or closure of its current income. (True – enable, False – off)

Monitoring of the adviser.

configuration files to optimize.


Do not you want to use a genetic algorithm. Optimize adviser for each currency pair at a time interval of 2 weeks, using a special setting for odd and even currency pairs. The results obtained are valid trading 1 week and then again perform optimization. You can install Advisor on schedule 4H with the same settings as for the 1H. Advisor can work simultaneously on different periods of the trading instrument. You can also trade manually. If you change the order open advisor, he will find it strange and function Trailing Stop to this order shall not apply. To use the Expert Advisor VPS server. It is not recommended to use the Advisor vapor with a very large spread. How to use MFC EA adviser to see in the video.

Use the following currency pairs: AUDUSD (an even), EURUSD (odd), EURJPY (odd), AUDJPY (odd), CADJPY (odd), GBPUSD (odd), NZDUSD (an even), USDCAD (an even).

Periods for trading: 4H, 1H. optimization period: 1H.

MFC Expert


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Trend Support Resistance Tool

Trend Support Resistance Tool

Smart Trend Line Alert – is a professional indicator of trend lines and lines of support / resistance to the alert function. It is also possible to preserve the history of alerts designed to help traders in the management of a large number of plots and characters without the need to constantly monitor the monitor.


  • Alerts about the breakdown of a candle, touch price and a time line;
  • The transformation of any line in the alarm line with a single click (trend line and horizontal or trend line on the corner);
  • History allows alerts to re-open closed or graphics to redraw deleted alerts for instant analysis;
  • Differentiation between lines of different timeframes by hidden lines in senior junior timeframes timeframes to avoid confusion in multiple timeframes different lines on the same graph;
  • Automatic switching timeframe pressing the line on younger timeframe;
  • Alerts with the time expiration, if they do not work.
  • Automatic conversion of the trend lines in the small angle of aligned support and resistance lines.
  • Automatic change of the support line at the resistance line, and vice versa;
  • Automatic color, name and line width;
  • The flashing lines by clicking on it click (user continues to click off the graph);
  • Automatic display of graphics on top of all other windows by clicking on the line;
  • Continuous audio notification (to disable the user);
  • The single sound from the alert popup window information;
  • The notification to the mobile device;
  • Notification email;
  • Management Console on the chart;
  • Automatically hide the control panel;
  • schedules call button – the same name character graphics are displayed on top of the other (for graphs arranged mosaic).


  1. Set the indicator on the chart;
  2. Management Console will appear on the chart; if it does not appear, move the mouse to the upper left of the graph;
  3. With the MetaTrader tool “Trendline”, or “horizontal line” draw the line at the appropriate price level;
  4. Select the line, and then select the type of alarm from the menu (warning of breakdown or touch).

What happens if the price touches or breaks through the support / resistance lines

  1. LED puts the corresponding graph on top of all charts;
  2. Current timeframe will be switched to the timeframe, which is drawn on the graph line;
  3. Line flashes;
  4. The indicator begins to continuously supply the voice notification or an alert popup;
  5. The indicator will send a one-time notification to the mobile device and email;
  6. The line will continue to flash and attract attention as long as the user clicks on the link button.


  • Notification of breakdown will only work if the candle of the same timeframe in which the line alarm is activated, closes above or below the line.
  • Example: description of warning line (Daily Support Break Out Alert). Thus, if the daily candle closed below the line, you’ll get an alert.

Link to Product Video: https://youtu.be/7Xy3J3X8t8Y (in English).


  • Resistance Color – the color of the level of resistance
  • Support Color – the color of the level of support
  • Time Line Alert Color – the color of the timeline for submission of the alert
  • Blinking Alert Line Color – the color of the flashing line the alert
  • Change Color After Alert Muted to – the color that is set for the alert after his trip
  • Price Deviation to Alert (Pips)): the price deviation in pips from the alert line for triggering the alert
  • Alert Line style – the style of the alert line
  • Alert Line width – thickness of the alert line
  • Auto Support Resistance Reversal: Automatically change the support line at the resistance line after the break
  • Hide Alert Lines on Higher Time frame – hide alerts lines on higher timeframes.
  • Auto Level Low Angle Trend Lines: align the trend lines for small corners or not
  • Max Angle to Level Trend Lines (Degrees): If the angle of the trend line is less than the value of this parameter, the line will be automatically aligned
  • Auto Switch Time Frame: Automatic switchover timeframe, if an alert triggered in another timeframe
  • Auto Chart Bring to Top: Automatic display of graphics on top of all other windows when the alert is triggered
  • Clip Same Symbol Charts Together: Showing graphs eponymous character on top of all other windows (the eponymous character should be located mosaic)
  • Continually Sound Alert Speed ​​(Milliseconds): The rate constant audible warning, decrease the value to obtain a more rapid rate
  • Auto Hide Menu: Automatically hides the menu when the lines are not selected
  • Show Menu Only if a Line was Clicked: Disable the display of the menu when you hover the mouse pointer
  • Show Objects Description Always – always display the description of objects
  • Show Object Status while a Line is Selected: Disable display the status button when the selected line
  • Description Font Size: Font size describe the state
  • For developer use only: Reserved for Developer
  • Custom Sound File Name 1: Name a custom audio file 1
  • Custom Sound File Name 2: Name of the custom audio file 2

from Developer

  • The indicator is designed with the possibility of all the settings according to your requirements. You can enable or disable any of the functions;
  • Unfortunately, the light can not be tested in the Strategy Tester, because it uses the terminal MetaTrader tools and switching timeframes. Available demo version that works on EURCHF: www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/3162
  • For more information, see screenshots;
  • We are interested to know the opinion of the users of our products to improve future versions. Write to us.

Trend Support Resistance Tool


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MTFCandle – this multiple timeframe indicator showing the candle higher timeframes on the current chart. For some policies require testing of candles larger timeframe and the indicator simplifies this task for the trader.

MTFCandle It has the following advantages:

  • Displays the top candle on the current chart.
  • It displays the last candle in a different color specified in the parameters.
  • You can use multiple copies of the indicator on the chart to display candles with multiple timeframes.
  • You can move the candles along the axes x and y.


  • Which timeframe?Select timeframe, candles you want to display on the current timeframe.
  • How many Candle?: If you set this parameter number, the indicator will show only some candles timeframe selected in the previous parameter.
  • Y axis in pip : Shift candles Y axis (in pixel units).
  • X axis in pip: Shifting the candles on the X axis (in pixels unit).
  • Border lines width : The thickness of the lines.
  • Bear candle color Select a color for the body of bearish candles.
  • Bear candle line color: Select the outline color for the bearish candles.
  • Bull candle color: Select a body color for bullish candle.
  • Bull candle line colorSelect outline color for bullish candle.
  • Show Last candle color differ? If you want the last candle had a different color, set to true and set the options below, otherwise set to false, set the parameters below is not necessary.
  • Last Bear candle color: Select the color of the body for the last bearish candle.
  • Last Bear candle line colorSelect the outline color for the last bearish candle.
  • Last Bull candle colorSelect a color for the body of the last bullish candle.
  • Last Bull candle line colorSelect the outline color for the last bullish candle.


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EURUSD analysis and forecast

EUR / USD: analysis and forecast

Current trend

On Tuesday, the dollar fell against the euro and a basket of major currencies
after the controversial economic news from the US. Thus, orders for goods
durables decreased by 3.4% in December, confounding forecast
This growth rate at 0.5%. The volume of orders for durable goods
use excluding transport equipment for the same period as
decreased 0.8%. Meanwhile, the level of confidence of American consumers
January rose to 102.9 points, which is the best result since August

Today during the day may be a slight strengthening of the euro to
US Federal Reserve meeting. Due to the instability of the world economy forecast
US monetary authorities decision difficult. Probably, the interest rate
will be left unchanged, will continue the growth of the euro against
the dollar. In that case, if the Fed decides to increase the key rate, the euro
significantly weaken, so it is recommended to open short positions, so this decision
American regulator, will have a long impact on the market.

Support and resistance levels

The nearest resistance level is 1.1383 price – a maximum of trading today.

Support is the price level of 1.1306 – the level of the moving average with
period 55.

trading recommendations

Under these circumstances, necessary to open long positions in
the current price for the purpose at the level of 1.1383 and a protection order at the level of 1.1306.

EURUSD analysis and forecast

Igor Shchukin

Analyst LiteForex Investments Limited

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