Simply SR

Simply SR

The indicator shows the support / resistance levels. It serves to identify values ​​for takeprofit / stoploss and placement of pending orders. A clear display makes Simply SR convenient directly in the trade, and in the analysis of historical data. Levels are calculated as close as possible to their spots trader and tested as the zigzags with graphic constructions. Thus Simply SR is suitable for all timeframes and tools. Calculated buffers organized in order to facilitate use of the indicator in the advisors.

Displaying indicator

SimplySR displayed with three blue stripes above the level of prices and the three red lines below the price. Accordingly, it is the next potential support and resistance levels.

Using indicator

Resistance levels of support are used to set StopLoss / TakeProfit in transactions in the market and for the placement of pending orders.

Strong levels are determined by the length of the corresponding line. Closely adjacent to each other lines also indicate a strong level.

Simply SR indicates the position of potential levels. When installing, consider the neighbors orders to lines psychologically important (round) levels, as well as the strength and momentum of market volatility.

indicator settings

To determine the levels and placement SimplySR requires no configuration.

All indicator parameters are used to alert the trader:

group “On level breakdown” – setting alerts in overcoming the level of support / resistance price. At the request of the trader’s indicator will sound an alert, send a letter or a “push” notification

group “On detect new level” – a similar setup alerts when detecting a new neighbor of resistance / support levels

Simply SR

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