Question Adaptation to story

Question: Adaptation to the story …?

All technical analysis (indicators and policies) built on
“Fit for a story” based on the principle
inertia in the direction of motion

But the question, of course, right: How
fit to distinguish history from the competent optimization?

It is virtually the only one set of options. Step to the right or left of these
values ​​significantly degrade performance on the test output.

If you change the vehicle settings can improve the performance of tests profits,
it is no longer fit, competent and optimization. In this strategy itself has
correct idea and high reliability.

setting the strategy parameters is carried out on a temporary
interval (period optimization), and final check on the adjacent
timeslot or expanded, comprising the initial interval.

And it is very important
It has a period of optimization. Into small periods (less than half a year) fit
It is more common than a period of one year or more.

The best method of verification
optimize the quality is as follows: Optimization is performed on one
pair, and checks carried out on the other pair with the same settings and options
without change.

If the test results are satisfactory on the other pair, in this case,
question fit a story removed completely, and the credibility of such a strategy
significantly increased. Another question,
that develop a universal strategy is much more difficult than strategy
a specific pair, but this should strive.

An example of such a strategy:

Optimization was performed on a pair EURJPY (in the application report):

Question Adaptation to story

Then, the test was carried out without changing the settings on the pair GBPJPY:

Question Adaptation to story

It is a viable option, one losing trade, and one is not completed. It needs not a lot of extra optimization, adjusted for the increased volatility of the pair.

After optimization, we have (see Appendix.)

Question Adaptation to story

The main conclusions of the strategy:

1. Fit missing.

2. Strategy deserves attention and test first on a demo account, and then to the real world.

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