Is Eurogroup reconcile Germany and Greece Providing

Is Eurogroup reconcile Germany and Greece? Providing bailout questioned

Today ministers
Finance Eurozone and Greece third
again meet to try again
come to a common agreement. will
extend the bailout program for Greece
after Germany on Thursday
rejected attempts to change the terms of Athens
the current agreement – while under

Yesterday, Athens and Berlin
exchanged mutual claims that
again showed to what
extent complicated relations of Greece
and Germany after the coming to power of the left
SYRIZA coalition. Greek government
It confirms that it will not change
the wording of its request for an extension
aid program – it simply gives
the possibility of the Eurogroup on Friday to take
the proposal or reject it. About
This writes The Financial Times. "it
It shows who wants to find
decision, and who is not", – he told the newspaper
one of the Greek officials.

Germany, as reported
Bloomberg, at the meeting demanded
Greece drafting a new request,
which would consist of two or three sentences,
talking about what she asks for extension
the current program and is ready to perform
all conditions.

By the way, the final request
Greece looks like this: the government
asks countries to extend assistance program
"on mutually acceptable financial and
administrative conditions". Again
the representative of Germany said on
meeting of the working group that the Greek
policy deliberately used this
formulation and to fear it
"Trojan horse" – that phrase can
used for the destruction of the present
cooperation schemes. The letter also
nowhere does not explicitly refer willingness
Greece to checks and inspections by
creditors. As reported back in
midweek, Athens promise not
take unilateral steps and
We are willing to strive for a successful conclusion

According to Berlin’s
He writes The Wall Street Journal, any rash
Athens concessions may be dangerous
than a Greek exit from the eurozone, because
they can give effect to the left
populist parties in other European
countries – in Spain or Portugal,
eg. Other members of
European Union are more
peacefully and believe that the fact of
letters of request direction is already
a good sign, it means ready to Athens

Recall that before
Greece refuses to do
the extension of the current conversation
program and its policy asked for
bridge loan for three months, and during this
time to negotiate and revise
all conditions of cooperation with creditors.

According to the respondents
edition of The Financial Times Europe
officials, a compromise Friday quite
It can be achieved. If Greece’s application
is rejected, the country actually
March 1 remains without external support
– The European Central Bank will roll
aid program Greek banks, and
They soon encounter
lack of money for debt service.
The most pessimistic scenario – it
Greek exit from the eurozone.

By 10:19 on MSK EUR / USD pair continued reduction and trading at 1.1346 (0.19% drop).

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