Hedging positions

Hedging positions

Counselor tries to save losing trades. Start the robot on a graph, and as soon as the robot detects the graph open transaction or series of transactions, opened by hand or by any other advisor robot instantly calculate a common point bezubytka, and begin to pull them out of the drawdown, not depending on the number of deals and their type, the transaction can be for buying and selling, to any IDs.

The robot is able to identify and monitor any order. After all calculations EA will deliver all orders to the general bezubytka and close them with a certain percentage of profit.

The robot is actively used in both manual and automated trading. Advisor is able to operate both independently and as an adjunct to any other adviser. Connect the robot to another counselor is very easy, just run the robot on a separate schedule for the same currency pair is running on your skills, and he immediately turns to the work.

For manual trading robot is equipped with a very convenient portable control panel orders from a chart with many different functions.

Default EA is set up for a couple GBPUSD with period M30, but it is a universal trading system, and the robot can be set to any pair and any time. Recommended deposit for trade from 1000 dollars per 0.01 the starting bid.


  • AutoSettings – automatic setting flag advisor (to disarm while optimizing the parameters and use their own settings);
  • AvtoTrade – Flag enable automated trading;
  • PeriodEA – period of the adviser;
  • isNewBar – Flag enable work on opening prices;
  • MM– automatic management of capital;
  • Lot– fixed lot;
  • Risk – a percentage of the deposit for an automatic money management;
  • StopLossPercentage– stop-loss as a percentage of the deposit;
  • TakeProfitPercentage – take profit as a percentage of the deposit;
  • Slippage – allowable slip;
  • CommentEA – comments to orders;
  • Hedging– permission flag hedging positions;
  • HedgingPercentage – the percentage of the total of all open positions on the chart to be placed the first orders of locks;
  • HedgingMinimum– minimum number of public orders to be placed from the first order podverzhdeniem locks the display unit;
  • HedgingMaximum – the maximum number of open orders for exhibiting first order locks without podverzhdeniya display unit;
  • MaxDistans – maximum deviation of the first open order to be placed in paragraphs locks first order;
  • Corridor – the distance at which the locks are set order;
  • LMagN – ID locks orders (must be difficult to randomly not coincided not with one of the open orders on the chart);
  • CommentLock– Comments to the locks orders;
  • ProfitPercentage– percentage of profits to close all orders on the chart;
  • Multiplication– multiplier locks orders;
  • HedgingTrades – the maximum number of locks orders;
  • Spread – maximum spread;
  • UseTime – work on time;
  • BeginTime– Start of Trading;
  • EndTime – completion of trade;
  • UseTrailing– work permit flag trawl;
  • TrailingStart– trawl start;
  • StepTrailing – trawl step;
  • Breakeven – Flag permission to translate orders into the black;
  • NoLoss – breakeven;
  • MinProfitNoLoss – bezubytka profit;
  • Comments – Displays comments on the chart with detailed information about the course of trade;
  • GlobalDel– Flag permission to delete all global variables in removing advisor from a chart;
  • Delta – offset from the current price to pending orders;
  • Dpips – discrete stops changing;
  • Dlot– discrete lot changes;
  • Dpr – discreteness% change;
  • Confirmation – confirmation of order management operations with graphics;
  • TradeNoLossBuy– foot from bezubytka level for buy orders;
  • TradeNoLossSell – foot from bezubytka level for sell orders;
  • Magic – ID (if any -1 the identifiers is valid only for orders controlled by a trade panel);
  • PlayS – sound operations;
  • MoveWindow – permission flag on the movement control panel orders from the chart.

Hedging positions

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